2016 Word (1/27/16)


I have written about my word of the year before, (here), and then a revisit of 2015 here, as I looked forward onto a new year.

Last year my word of the year was ‘Focus’.
I was so sure that by choosing this word it would help me narrow in on my aims, while helping me to get my act together.

Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.
2015 found me wallowing through most of the year unable to gather my thoughts into one narrow channel.

No sooner would I focus on one area of my life in need of attention that everything else would fall by the wayside.

I was in the position of a juggler, balancing on a large ball while trying to keep everything else hanging midair.

It was difficult and I was so far out of control that it took most of the year for me to realize- maybe some people can’t be focused.

Maybe the Wild Creatives such as myself cannot tame that spirit within us, that screams for freedom as the rational brain side of us tries shoving it into a neat little box.

How do you compartmentalize ideas that need the open expanses of the ether to breathe?

Once I released the guilt of not following through on my word, (this past December- yes, I am a slow learner), I came to terms with the idea that not everything goes according to plan despite our best efforts.

Keeping this in mind, when my new word surfaced with the new year, even though I was a bit hesitant, I still embraced it because when it works, it works well!

So, 2016 brought with it, ‘Welcome.’

That’s my word this year.

It is a noun, a verb an adjective and an exclamation!
It is an action and receiving word at the same time.
It means to meet, to greet, to receive.

I quietly put this into action at the start of January, and one month in, I am pleased so far.

This year, I welcome new experiences.
This year, I welcome new adventures.
This year, I even welcome new lessons.

I welcome people into my circle of friends which being my typical, wallflower self, has been closed in for far too long.

This year, I will be more engaging instead of retreating into the cozy safety zone of my introverted shell.

This year, I will stretch myself to learn new things, even if it takes me out of my comfortable, little life.

I’m not sure if we are all meant to live BIG lives, but for at least one year out of my life, I can try it on, wear it for a bit and see if I like it.

That is the beauty of the ‘one’ word.

If it doesn’t work out, nothing has been lost, but if it does…think of the possibilities then.

To this, I say, Welcome.