25 Achievements


After trying unsuccessfully to make a lifetime transformation on my own, I have now embraced seeking the guidance of someone that has good advice on the subject.
I discovered Cheryl Richardson’s book, Life Makeovers: 52 Practical & Inspiring ways to improve your life one week at a time.
Yeah, It’s a mouthful, but the premise is easy, to breakdown life improvements to one week at a time for the duration of an entire year.
It’s easy. It’s do-able. It’s a step in the right direction.
Since I am beginning this journey midyear as opposed to the New Year, I will just plan on this to be a June-June exercise.
I will keep a blog of my progress as well as a place for my support group to check in on me.
And if you feel you wish to accompany me in your own way or even do some of the exercises, please feel free to post your progress as well.
The first week’s exercise is as follows, the highlighted areas are my top five. (and yes, I know I went a bit over. Why not? Rules aren’t set in stone)
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25 Ways I’ve improved over the past year (listing any large/small accomplishments/kindnesses/ or new skills)

1 Managed to keep up fairly regularly with my blog
2 Made Dia de los Muertos art
3 Started a FB Page just because I could
4 Visited Mom in Vegas
5 Went on several job interviews last year ( hard for an introvert)
6 Even landed a job for a short while
7 Worked in a real bakery
8 Learned there are asshole managers everywhere–but I didn’t stay for the abuse
9 Still learning about what makes friendships work…after all these years I’m still learning this one
10 Help is there if you ask for it
11 Most of the things I worry about, never come to pass
12 Helped my son get his driver’s license…then was promptly relegated to passenger status
13 Egg whites on small burns help heal quickly
14 People can live without a refrigerator, AND without a microwave, OR a second car, OR a dishwasher
15 I am healthier than I think I am
16 I keep striving to learn new things
17 I chose my word of the year wisely— It was ‘Welcome’ (It’s June and I have kept it. I welcome new lessons and new opportunities into my life daily)
18 I joined a bible study group even though I don’t go to church
19 I have upped my reading quota ( I will list my book titles at a later date)
20 I am baking again
21 I am getting good at painting celestial skies
22 I learned how expensive traffic tickets can be and traffic school and that you are allowed three extensions before you have to pay up
23 I’ve learned to be nicer to myself and more accepting of my aging body
24 It’s okay to have fun (this is hard for me because I am a serious person and have to force myself to go do fun things)
25 I’ve learned just because family members share a bond of history and genetics– that doesn’t mean they always care for or about you; and it’s okay to be mad about that and set up a good healthy distance between you and them otherwise they can swallow you up with their toxic energy or indifference.
26 It’s okay to try new things that fail…the important part is that you tried.
27 I have embraced the scattered part of me I used to think was flawed. I know now that is what makes me unique. For so long I tried to force myself to do only one thing at a time because that is how rational people operate. Start one thing. Finish one thing. Move on to next thing.
But I couldn’t just do ONE thing. It made me resent said thing and then I would never finish it since it felt so forced. Now I go from one thing to another to another and somehow it works for me. I finish more than I ever thought possible and keep moving on. It’s my way. Once I accepted this is the best way for me, I now have peace in my life.

( I read 5-8 books at a time, a chapter a night from each one. [will list book titles at later date], I have 6 different journals being written in, each one covering a different theme or idea, I’m working on 5 different stories, 6 different craft projects all in different stages of completion. This keeps the flow in my life constantly moving forward and I am much better for it)