The Inside Job


They say you can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of music they listen to or the kinds of books they read.

So lets see….my Ipod is filled with classical /New Age/ Disney & movie soundtracks/ country/ Christian/ Rock/ Hawaiian/ Native American flute & drums/ African tunes/ Pop/ Celtic/ Guitar solos/ meditation tracks/ the occasional rap or heavy metal songs and a growing collection of Christmas music.

So what does this say of me? I have an eclectic ear?

Lets visit my bookshelves.

I am a self-help junkie. That is evident for all to see, but there is also myriads of Art books/ books on the paranormal/ ghosts/ exorcisms/ biblical or spiritual books/ various Bibles/ devotionals/ Christian books/ Mysteries/ Historical fiction/ Business books galore and DIY books.

I have yet to figure out if I am a well-rounded or undecided individual.

I have always dreamed of owning my own home– something that has eluded me for my entire life.

But when I sit down and write about what my dream home would look like, here is what I come up with:

I want a small cottage home with an English Garden and white picket fence…
But, I really want,
A Tuscan/Mediterranean type home with manicured lawns and open patios…
Yet, I can also see me in a Log Cabin set amongst a wooded mountain backdrop…
a Soho Loft/studio that allows in lots of light for painting and other art projects…
Yet, the call of a refurbished Lighthouse, a former Firehouse or a former Church is ever alluring.

Not that I am a great practitioner of the Law of Attraction, but one of the biggest rules for it to work is that you must be focused on what it is you want in order for it to come true.

I do firmly believe that thoughts have power and much of what we think about does come true…but just as much of what we think on, doesn’t. It is a Hit or Miss field of study.

I have read The Secret, I have followed the gurus, I have walked a Christian path most of my life following all the tenets. I can honestly say, something always, always seems to elude me. I don’t know what that something is and after a lifetime of searching for ‘IT,’ a Facebook friend pointed out that IT is more of an ‘Inside Job’ rather than anything externally to be found. (Thank you, Daniel)

So, this has sparked some tiny seed of an idea that I want to chase down.

Each year I set a number of goals for myself. Call them resolutions if you like, but it is an ever growing list, that once I accomplish one, I cross it off and move on. It is constant and I have found since I have written them down, they seem to have more weight and shall we say, legitimacy? It is not just a New Years resolution but more of a Life List.

I think, this next year-2015- I am going to buckle down and channel my thought towards more focused thinking.

As I explained earlier- my wants/desires/thoughts are more like buckshot- a scattered pattern of randomness.

This next year, I am going to change this.

I am not exactly sure of the Hows yet, but I do know that with 52 weeks to the year, If I take it week by week, come December, 2015, I should have, at the least, brought my thinking into a linear pattern, or, dare I hope, at the best, come into alignment with my soul’s calling.

I welcome you to join me on my 52 week journey. Maybe you would like to do something similar. Maybe you have your own life list that you wish to work on. I have no set format, only the strong desire to improve myself.

Whether you feel called to join me or just wish to look on to view my progress, jump on in, the water’s fine.

Some of the topics I wish to focus on where I could use the most work are:
Money Lessons
Spiritual endeavors

I am sure there are more, there is always so much more, but this is only the beginning.
Wish me luck.