49 Truths [1/4/16]

face of 49

Today is my 49th birthday. I can remember clearly a time when I thought 30 was old, that as teenagers looking at our parents, we thought they were ancient and that none of us could imagine being anything but the young age that we were.

Yet time seems to catch up with us all at some point and the naivete I reveled in back then has now been seasoned by life lessons I have picked up along the way, mostly as an unwilling or unwitting participant. .

In honor of my venerable age, I have written some [49] of those truths down, that have now become a milestone that I take with me into the future. In no particular order, here they are.

1 Time is never ending yet there never seems to be enough of it, but if something is important enough to you, you will make the time for it.
2 Don’t worry about the ones that don’t appreciate you; Appreciate the ones that do.
3 It’s okay to feel broken. Nobody is perfect.
4 Do not negate the power of anger; It serves a purpose.
5 Little things add up; Everything matters.
6 You are capable of much more than you can even imagine.
7 Deep down, you know what to do.
8 My opinions matter.
9 Own up to your mistakes
10 Never stop dreaming
11 Forgive yourself
12 Keep a journal; It is a written record of your growth
13 Try new things
14 Don’t pigeonhole yourself
15 Do your best to curb your debt
16 Find people that resonate with you; then make time for them
17 There will always be a rainy day, an emergency, an unexpected expense, so try hard to save for the unexpected.
18 Have goals; work towards them; celebrate their completion
19 Make a Want To Do List. Not a bucket list. Not a resolution list. Not a Have to do, Honey do List. But a list of things you Want to do. Then find a way to do them.
20 Read a book. A biography. A classic novel. A graphic novel. Just read.
21 Learn something new.
22 Meditate.
23 Make time for spiritual beliefs.
24 Create something
25 Give thanks
26 Give compliments
27 Strive to be kind.
28 Listen to your body, it’s telling you things you should take note of…
29 Feed your soul.
30 Help others.
31 Observe people, you can learn so much from watching others.
32 Strengthen your weaknesses.
33 Better yourself
34 Speak your Truth
35 Watch your Words
36 Find your balance
37 Rise after a Fall
38 Control your breathing
39 Find a mentor
40 Ask for help
41 Give back whenever and however you are able
42 Receive gratefully
43 Accept your weirdness
44 Life is a marathon, not a sprint
45 Expand your palate
46 Watch foreign films and documentaries
47 Halt the negative, intrusive, internal chatter going on in your head
48 Strive to be kind, especially to yourself
49 Celebrate yourself. All you have done and all you have yet to do.

At the age of 87, Michelangelo spoke the immortal words we all should take to heart.
‘I am still learning.’ At any given time, each of us is the oldest and the youngest we will ever be in our given life times, use that as a stepping board, compile your own list of truths and share your story with others. You may be surprised by how far you have come in your own journey and what your truth reveals. I know I am, and I also know…I am still learning.