Accessorize your life (wk 42)

(working through Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeover Book)


a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

contributing to or aiding an activity or process in a minor way; subsidiary or supplementary.

It’s the simple things in life that often have the biggest impact on our lives. Little things matter and bring great meaning to an otherwise pallid landscape. The author likes to call these little things accessories. Just as a small piece of jewelry might bring a wardrobe ensemble together, a life accessory may connect the disjointed energy of our beings and bring balance to us either spiritually or physically.

Life accessories such as music, or color are great mood shifters and add powerfully to the quality of our lives. One of our favorite things to do is turn off the t.v. and turn up the music to listen to while cleaning, crafting or merely relaxing. My oldest son likes to use scented candles in his room because scent is also a great mood lifter.

The author lists some possible accessories that others might use. Review the list but make your own.
~Houseplants or an herb garden
~Inspiring art
~Aromatherapy candles
~Full spectrum light bulbs that life your mood
~Listening to sports while working
~Lighting a fire in fireplace while cooking a meal
~Slipping into cozy socks while working at your desk
~Fresh flowers
~A bubbling fountain
~A heating pad to warm your chair or bed
~Great smelling hair products
~Homemade soup simmering on stove
~Hot/cold water dispenser in your office
~Your favorite tea
~A bird bath or bird feeder outside a window
~A sachet in your car or bureau drawers
~Heated car seats

Take Action Challenge:
As you consider your life accessories, think about what you love to look at, listen to, taste, smell, and feel. Make a list of at least five examples and use a few this week. When you do, take special notice of the impact it has on your mood and your work.

My five favorite life accessories are:
1 art
2 music
3 tea/coffee
4 scented candles
5 flowers

I truly believe that the little things add up and add more to our lives. This week I will choose at least one of these items to enjoy and maybe come up with a few more.
What is on your list?