Are We Having Fun Yet? (wk 14)


This week’s topic is short and sweet.
It’s all about Fun.

Life is short.
Life is busy.
Life is painful, but is it fun?
Mine isn’t. Not normally.

I remember as I was starting this makeover project, reading ahead to see what would be coming my way, I was a bit stymied by this chapter.

I’m not someone that goes out of my way to have a good time.

I am overly reserved by nature and I honestly don’t feel I’m missing out on anything if I miss a party, a picnic, a wedding, a dinner.

These things don’t appeal to me and for a while I thought there was something wrong with me.
There isn’t, just to set the record straight.

I am an introvert. And I am quite happy, holed up in my little sheltered world. (aka,home)

Three months ago, when I peeked at my future, (which is now), I was a little put out, wondering what do normal people do for fun.

The author points out that a daily dose of fun is required to keep that balance in life going.
She even made a list of suggestions for those like me that get stuck…none of her list appealed to me.

I put this ‘fun’ question out to friends, many of whom had just as much difficulty answering this as I did, which led me to believe that either we all suck at life or adults just have a harder time having fun.

No shame in it. Adults are so busy adulting that there is very little time or energy set aside for the ‘F’ word (fun). We trade laugh out loud experiences for badly needed rest to fuel us.

Life is about choices.
Because we master our own choices, I opt to replace the word FUN, [which conjures up images of white water rafting, going to Disneyworld, taking a cruise or hitting the beach. all things that take time and resources not readily available to me at this point], with ENJOYMENT.

When put this way, the answers flow to me and keep coming.
I enjoy writing, crafting, gardening, going to the movies, baking, painting, haunting book stores, craft stores, dreaming new dreams, studying new things. My list is endless…and I like that this makes me sound more interesting than the stick-in-the-mud alternative.

This week’s homework:

List (3) things I’d like to do for fun enjoyment.

1 Go to movies…alone
2 Paint
3 Go to a bookstore

I will be sure to do at least one of these things if not more, this week, as I am usually doing what I enjoy as much as possible anyway. In that sense, I guess I am more balanced then I first thought.

Are we having fun yet? You bet!


Still meditating everyday
Painting almost everyday
Writing everyday
Have yet to finish wk 5 picture but it’s in the works
Looking for a gym to join.

Three months and two weeks in, still going strong.