Brain Vacation- (wk12)


This week’s chapter is more analytical in practice than anything else.
The author touches on the strange effect that happens when people are working really hard at solving a problem without any luck and only when they finally let it go, does the answer appear.
Only when you let your brain drift off to those sandy beaches or snow capped mountains, going on it’s own little jaunt of a getaway, does it finally snap to with the answer you were waiting for all along.

I find this also happens when I am looking for physical things as well. I can’t tell you the number of things I have found when I ignore the first item I have been fruitlessly searching for and start looking for something else. I suspect answers are no different.

Since this is an easy week to regroup, I will get right to the homework.

Pick a specific problem or challenge, set a specific time to get an answer, and then let it go.
(Cue the Disney music from Frozen here. Let it Go.)

Just a side note: I have a real problem with setting time-frames which I have no control over. It’s all well and good to announce your intentions to some benevolent force in the universe hoping it hears you and will respond within the parameters of the time you set, but life doesn’t work that way. At least mine doesn’t.
And sometimes the answer is NO.

What to do then?

Hopefully the answers to the problems you are seeking are not linked to a deadline for your career or a question of how are you going to get the money to pay for your rent/mortgage this next week because I seriously doubt that answers will be that forthcoming that soon.

Maybe that is my skeptical heart speaking which I fully accept are my issues, and for the sake of this week’s chapter, I will choose something easy, that should it not be answered, the world, or at least my world, will not go spinning off its axis throwing me into a downward spiral of contempt.

The problem/challenge/idea that I will address this week is:
I have been wrestling with a private question for a very long time and have delved into this issue from every angle imaginable without being any closer to a solution. Perhaps it’s time I speak my intention to the intangible powers that be and wait for an answer to come to me. Give up the chase, so to speak.

When my analytical brain kicks in and wants to take over, I will say:
Stop it. If an answer is on its way, let it come.

I will be back in for answers on:
The last Friday of each month to check in. (a slightly open ended time-frame but I will go with that)

Still meditating
Writing or doing some other art form everyday. No Excuses.
This is the three month mark and I am still going strong.
Happy Days.