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Weekend Review= January 31, 2015 (Highlights)


January always seems like an excessively long month and this final week of January, 2015, didn’t help any. Maybe because most of the news filtering back this week was sad and tedious, or that I, personally had a crappy week and view it through the filter of my own bias.

On Monday, I was riveted by the news of another ISIS beheading of a Japanese national, one of two hostages they had in their custody. What was so horrific, was that the one surviving hostage, Kenji Goto, was spared to send a video message to the world explaining his fate if the Japanese govt did not do what the terrorist group demanded.
This man had to witness the beheading of his friend, and then live with the notion that he would suffer the same fate if his ransom was not met.
He spent a torturous week knowing of a looming deadline, literally, and in the end, was not saved. The grief his family, his country, any caring human being hearing this story was/is palpable.
True evil exists in this world, and we are left to wonder, what will it take to eradicate it.

At one point in history, measles was a scourge that claimed up to 500 lives in America alone, each year. When a vaccine became available, there was never any question lives were saved.
There is no cure for this highly contagious disease, yet so many parents, believing false science accusations that vaccines cause autism, chose for their children not to vaccinate, and we are now seeing the results.

Honestly, I do not know very much about Michelle Obama, other than her First Lady status and what negative news reports have to say of her, but I do know this next story from earlier this week is newsworthy. It has to do with her hair and the stance she took to send a message to the world.
How do you fight oppression? How do you make a statement? You hold your head up high. That’s how.

Speaking of hair, I admit, I also do not know much about British school systems. Americans do their own thing, their own say. Each year, during the beginning of the school year, American school sports teams require their players to shave their heads, other kids do this for a change, because they want to, because they can. Apparently, not so in Britain.

And finally, if you are new to America, you may not know that there are any other sports played here, other than American Football. Especially the final week in January. Yes, it is the lead up week to the final game of the season. When the two best teams that have battled it out all season to become numero Uno of the football world. Millions will be glued to their tv sets. Millions will be spent on parties to celebrate this annual event. At the end of the day, millions will either be celebrating or commiserating. Here’s what you need to know.

It has been a long week, ending a long month, and life goes on.
Whatever this coming week should bring to you, may you greet it your own way, doing your own thing with your head held high. And if you are a fan and your team is playing in the big game, (whichever team that is), may the odds be ever in your favor.

Weekend Review- January 18, 2015 (Quick Hits)


This past week I was down with a respiratory illness that most of the nation seems to have.
While fighting it off and trying to stay healthy, this week’s review is just the quick hits. Enjoy.

Last year I had a very bad reaction to a tetanus booster, which made me question if I personally would want to subject myself to any vaccines after that. It was a personal choice. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I do not believe vaccines cause autism, and they do save countless lives.
This year’s batch of flu vaccines has been proven to be less effective than hoped for, making this a bad flu season, and while many die each year from influenza, it is crushing to hear when a vaccine is responsible for some of those deaths.

We have all had people that have pushed our buttons and brought us to the edge of common reason. One man’s novel solution to this went viral this past week. So much so, that he was inundated to the point of mind-numbing requests of other’s seeking out his help.
Send your enemies glitter bombs. This harmless, impossible to clean up idea struck a nerve and crashed his web site. A massive wave of glitterati requests came rushing in and the tide only grew stronger, sending the owner to beg people not to use his site. Sometimes, all that sparkles is not gold.

Honorable move. Many are up in arms that Obama didn’t make it to Paris to stand up to the terrorists in an open protest including many of the world’s leaders. Personally, I believe as Americans, we stand up to terrorists everyday, so I am not bothered whether our president made it to France or not. What I do find uplifting, is what the NYPD did. Classy move. That is what we stand for.

…finally, a story to restore faith in humanity. Hard working American’s do not like it when other hard working Americans are used and abused.
Like a fairy-tale, this story starts off with trolls…

and ends with a happily-ever-after [not to mention over 20k in tips]..gotta love America


What ever the week may bring to you, what ever life throws at you, know that our stories continue to be written, day in and day out. Choose how your story unfolds. Choose the character you wish to play; villain, victor, or victim, the choice is always yours. Make it something worth reading.


Be well. Be healthy. Be happy.
See you next week.


Weekend Review- January 11, 2015


Settling into 2015, the week started off calm until we reached Wednesday.

In the heart of Paris, France, a small journalist office, Charlie Hebdo, a controversial satirical publishing office, was set upon by masked and armed terrorists, who murdered 12 people and injured 11 more. Most of the dead were journalists and cartoonists, but there were also two police officers killed as well. One of them brutally assassinated in the street.

These terrorists were well trained with one goal in mind, to defend The Prophet.
Apparently, they were offended by the satirical cartooning of their religious icon and felt that alone should justify the carnage they wrought.

As the world watched on, it would be days before these terrorists were found, but not before more innocent lives were taken, including that of a policewoman and 4 more hostages. In a scene to rival most action movies, the perpetrators were finally sent on to stand before their Prophet, to explain their actions…

…and the world was left with more questions than answers. Was this really about a cartoon? Was it only a distraction for something worse to come? Where will this happen next? If Islam is so peaceful, why is there so much death attached to it?

In the end, there is no explaining rabid zealotry. Terrorists want nothing more than to spread fear and bloodshed in their wake, and while the majority of Muslims are not terrorists, it is fair to say, most of the terrorists involved with these attacks, adhere to the tenets of Islam.

It will be awhile before all participants are rounded up, but that will be left for another day.
One last thought, Charlie Hebdo was well known for poking fun at ALL religions, politicians and other religious figures. There are some who believe they brought this upon themselves. That kind of thinking is along the same vein as saying a rape victim deserved what they got because of how they were dressed, or how much they were drinking. Blaming the victim is dangerous thinking, and at a time when unity is needed more than ever, maybe, just maybe, if we could ditch the finger pointing, we can move forward in peace.


While the world was glued to the events in France, Russia quietly passed a law banning transgender people from holding a drivers license. It’s discriminatory and prejudicial. It leaves one to wonder, what is next? When one people group is systematically singled out based on their differences, it is only a matter of time before the rest of us are too.

Yes, it’s Russia. Yes, it’s so far away. But in the larger scheme of things, does that matter?


Quick Hits:

UK cop gets 7 years in prison after he drove to work in a $250,000 Ferrari

Not the happiest place on earth for some, but not responsible either.

Not so much a Starbucks fan but I do like to try out new things. This drink was good and milky, the way I like my coffee but the price says I will not try again.

Because I really do have a wry sense of humor, I found these to be sarcastically funny. If you are American, you may too.


Here in California, fighting off allergies, asthma and unanswered questions.
Until next week, be well, be safe, be healthy.

Weekend Review- January 3, 2015


It would seem that 2014 was not about to go gently into that good night. No, it wasn’t done claiming its toll in human lives as this past week has shown.

Last Sunday, an AirAsia flight bound for Singapore ran headlong into inclement weather. After the flight captain requested permission to fly at a higher altitude to avoid the storm, and was subsequently denied by ground control, all contact with the flight was lost.

Two days later the first few bodies along with airplane detritus began to surface. 162 people were on board, and the sea rescue has quickly turned into a recovery mission. The search is still ongoing, no survivors presumed.

*                                                                      *                                                               *

New Year’s eve…revelers only wanted to ring in a new year. 36 would never make it, dozens more would be grateful they made it through the night with mild to severe injuries, but lives still intact, which resulted from a stampede as a throng of crowds pushed their way through the the narrow alleyways, crushing the unfortunate around them.

Police admit they underestimated the crowds and were woefully unprepared.

This was either a bad way to end a year or a worse way to start one. Perhaps both.

*                                                                     *                                                                    *

On a slightly lighter note, Do’h!…I mean, Play-doh, is in the news because according to a number of parents, Hasbro, makers of the iconic molding compounds, entertaining kids for generations, did something even the Grinch was unable to do. Ruin Christmas.

It would seem, one of the modeling kits contained a play-doh extruder, a toy meant to assist kids in extruding the doughy matter into various shapes, injecting fun into their play… but the device in question looks very similar to the male genitalia, thereby upsetting parents and Hasbro stockholders alike.

How it got past quality control is a big question.
Hasbro is offering refunds and apologies to those offended.

What I find offensive is the attitudes of many of the parents involved, taking to social media outlets to vent their rage and frustration, claiming their Christmas was ruined by this distasteful device.

Apologies in advance, but personally, I feel that all those people waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be pulled from the sea, the families of the NYPD officers that were assassinated last month, the ones recovering and the families that will never recover from the terrorist attacks, or the beheadings due to ISIS actions this year, have the right to say their Christmas was ruined.
Receiving a phallic looking toy in a kids play kit? Not so much.
Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

*                                                                       *                                                                 *

And thus starts a new year.
Like anything else, it is what you make it out to be….so why not make it a good one?

Weekend Review- December 26, 2014

cat grump i

We wish you a Merry….DON’T!

Apparently not everyone enjoys holiday cheer as witnessed this week on an American Airlines flight when a passenger became extremely irate at being wished a Merry Christmas.
While getting in touch with his inner scrooge, (pre-spirits visit), this passenger lectured the flight crew on their misplaced holiday cheer…and they, in turn, schooled him on flight etiquette, (PSA, it’s not a good thing to yell at  flight attendants), as they had him booted from the plane, amid applause of his would be fellow passengers.
Some people!

*                                                                           *                                                                      *

As if hacking Sony Corp last week by North Korea wasn’t enough, Playstation and Xbox Live network were also hacked on Christmas day, breaking the hearts of boys and girls of all ages that only wanted to spend their holiday in front of their gaming consoles…much like they do most of the other days of the year.
(Now they know how Rudolph felt being denied his reindeer games)
As much as we would like to blame North Korea for this one too, the credit here, goes to a hactavist group called, Lizard Squad, and their reasons for doing this are as vague as their name.
Sometimes it’s best not to ask questions.

*                                                                             *                                                                      *

An unconfirmed report came in late Friday, that a US Border Patrol Agent was abducted by a Mexican drug cartel. This is frightening for the simple fact that what starts as a trickle can easily turn into a flood. The Drug Wars and violence south of our border can only be kept at bay for so long.
Should these reports prove to be true, then the wars happening halfway around the world are meaningless if we cannot protect those in our own backyards.
With over 3,000 field agents, Border Patrol is scrambling to confirm or discount these rumors.
Praying that this is a false alarm.

*                                                                             *                                                                       *

For all the bad stories we hear about airlines, there is always something that helps restore our faith in humanity. Applause should go out to Jet Blue Airlines that flew 670 police officers from around the nation, for free, so they could attend the funerals of slain NYPD officers killed this past week.
Of course, no good deed goes unpunished and haters are gonna hate. This altruistic move has garnered a fringe group of opposition that is calling for a boycott on them because, really, who flies for free these days?
I wish anyone wanting to boycott, should do so, thereby freeing up more space for more cops to attend services for their fallen brethren in arms.
To Jet Blue, I say, Thank you, for honoring those who serve and those who have fallen. The week belongs to you.
As 2014 comes spiraling to crippling end, I pray that only better days are ahead…for all of us.
To you and yours, Have a safe and Happy New Year’s and may the blessings of each day be the blessings you need most.

Weekend Review- December 19, 2014

It has been a heart wrenching week for many parents around the world.

This past week, in Pakistan, Taliban militants executed 141 people, 132 of them children.
Most of those children were kids of soldiers and the attacks claimed to be revenge killings for military attacks against their operations. This reasoning is weak but in the name of their God, their beliefs, their code, they systematically walked from child to child, shooting them to death.

To be so warped to believe this could justify their actions, is frightening.

As the parents, siblings, families and the world grieved, the Pakistani government hunted down the terrorists with swift and lethal justice.

Sad that it won’t change the outcome, or the world for that matter.

*                                                                                  *                                                                        *

Australia made the news twice in one week as well, and not in a good way.

Earlier this week, in Sydney,a lone gunman held a cafe full of people hostage in a 16 hour standoff, which resulted in the deaths of two innocent people, the hostage taker himself and the traumatization of almost two dozen others that lived through this ordeal.

While the police are left to search for reasons, which appear to be jihadist related, the rest of us are left wondering, what is happening in the world? Why is this happening? And what can the rest of us do about it?

Some questions don’t have answers, and only open the door to more questions…

Yesterday, it was also reported that eight kids were stabbed to death and their mom is in serious condition with multiple stab wounds as well.

Today, it came out that the mother is the one arrested for killing her children.

No reasons were given.

More of these stories keep making their way into our world, infiltrating our consciousness, and we are left to filter out the lessons we need to learn and the way to deal with its aftermath.

Hopefully, for our sakes, we get the first part down well so we don’t have to deal with the second, later.

*                                                                                *                                                                         *

The biggest news of the week was the hacking of the Sony Corps Hollywood HQ.

It was confirmed today that North Korea was behind these cyber attacks.

It was intimated that 9/11 attacks would ensue if a film that Sony produced, ‘The Interview,’ was aired, in any theater. In the movie, there is a scene that depicts the attempted assassination of the North Korean leader, which these terrorists did not want us to see.

Until this week, ‘The Interview,’ which was not a must see movie has now been elevated to a movie that everyone has to watch. There could not be bigger publicity for this if they tried.

Because of the threats, this movie was pulled from the Christmas week line up.

On one hand, I understand this action when faced with the need for public safety.

On the other hand, I do not believe we should negotiate with terrorists. If an attack is imminent, nothing will appease those morally abject individuals hellbent on violence. Nothing would have stopped those gunmen from shooting those kids in Pakistan, nothing would have altered the mindset of the 9/11 terrorists on that fateful day and nothing will stop extremists from their next planned mission.

In light of that, I think we should stand up and say ‘No More!’ Should it cost me my life, I would rather live in the light then cower in the dark.

*                                                                                      *                                                                            *

Once again, I say, It was a tough week.

We are heading into Christmas week with Year’s end soon to follow.

I wish you and yours a lifetime of light and abundance, whether you celebrate Winter’s Solstice or the light of the Son, be well, be merry and know, our time on this plane is limited only by span, not depth. Live deep.

Fair thee well.

Weekend Review- December 13, 2014


This week, a CIA report on the use of torture by Americans was released to the public.
Exactly why it was made public, I am still unclear on but it was interesting to see the politicians scrambling to do damage control in the light of all of this.

A morning commentary show host I listen to read off the list of methods released in the report. In a limited monologue, he debunked every single aspect of tortures listed, likening them to college hazing pranks.

I was disappointed to hear this Disneyesque version of something so heinous being downplayed to such an extent, yet there are those that will believe anything.

I am not naive enough to think the US did not employ such tactics. It is one of those unspoken secrets that makes its way into the light and we are left to process this information as best we can…in the open.

It is not a question of, was the use of such tactics justified, but rather, do the ends justify the means? Or, moving forward from here, can we not find a better way?

Here’s hoping to finding a better way.

*                                                                             *                                                                       *

So, Britain’s royal power couple, Prince William, and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, graced New York with their presence this week. They saw the sights, made appearances and took in a basketball game.

I must say, I do like them but I do not understand the hype that goes along with them.

Maybe because we Americans do not really understand royalty of the pomp that goes with it or we just don’t care.

He, [the Prince], was fortunate enough to be born into status, and she, [the Duchess], was fortunate enough to marry into it.

It could be the cynic in me that admires those who have struggled to pave their own way through life, thereby knowing the harsh realities that make people who they are, as opposed to those who have had their way paved for them.

As much as we cry out wanting an easier go of it, we must remember, it is the struggle that the caterpillar endures, working its way out of the chrysalis, that earns it its wings.

The scars life gives to us, whether visible or hidden, are the very things that anoint our journey through this world. It burnishes our character and makes us shine more brightly. To go overboard with the adoration of celebrities continues to build up those who do not need it while taking away from those that do.

*                                                                         *                                                                     *

On Thursday, here in California, an Amber Alert was issued for a man who took his four children, unauthorized.

The mother was found dead a short time later.

In dramatic footage, this man was stopped on a freeway overpass, surrounded by police/SWAT teams. At one point, it looked like the man wanted to use one of his kids as a shield, while making his way to the edge of the drop off.

Was he going to jump? Throw his child over the side? We don’t know because the police moved in with the rapidity of a well oiled machine, taking him down and getting the children to safety in short order.

For as much as the police do wrong—they also do so much more right. Something to remember.

* * *

As you make your way through this next week, ponder your role in this world…your actions, your words. Give thanks for your scars, you’ve earned them. Admire with abandon…those worth admiring and make it a good one. You’ve got this.

Weekend Review- December 6, 2014

flu pig

This week, our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Luke Somers and one other hostage, (name unknown), held by the terrorist organization, ISIL (ISIS), who were killed during an attempted rescue by US Special Forces units.

These hostages were slated to be beheaded as an example of this organization’s continued toehold of power in a very unstable part of the world. The fact that they think they have an agenda which allows them to do these despicable acts speaks volumes of the darkness they wish to promote.

Those who feel Americans or any other culture that promotes freedom for its citizens are deserving of their fate at the hands of such monsters, are just as bad if not worse than the ones perpetrating these crimes.

Evil begets evil and it usually stems from judgment- good, bad, warped or righteous, there are none who have the right to pass it, yet it continues unabated, like a tide that refuses to be held back, with everyone feeling only their stance is the correct one.

*                                                                      *                                                                                        *

Speaking of judgment, this past week also saw an outspoken GOP aide that sharply criticized the Obama girls for acting and dressing like teenagers…which they are.

Elizabeth Lauten, felt Facebook was the perfect venue to air her grievances against the First Family by verbally attacking the manners and behaviors of Sasha and Malia Obama, while getting a few digs in against the president and his wife at the same time.

The backlash was swift. The court of public opinion decided it was unacceptable for a grown woman to verbally attack two young women,forced into the spotlight, in an open forum.
After seeing the error of her ways, Miss Lauten, immediately offered up an apology to the First Family which was quickly followed up by her resignation.

Some feel her resigning was a bit harsh but in the field of politics, there are unspoken rules to be followed, and she broke them. Kids are off limits, especially kids of the POTUS. It was a hard lesson for her to learn and should be a good lesson for the rest of us to heed…Each of us is responsible for every word we speak. So speak carefully and speak well, otherwise, don’t speak at all. Your livelihood could depend on it.

*                                                               *                                                          *

This was a tough week. They say, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. It’s a shame the same lesson that needed learning, was repeated here in America, in less than 10 days time.

A black man was killed by a police officer several months ago. A grand jury was convened to determine if the officer should be charged with murder. And, as if watching a newsreel from the previous week repeating, the grand jury refused to indict said officer. Protests were made. Life goes on.

Because both men that have died under questionable circumstances were found to be on the wrong side of the law at various times is no reason injustice could be carried out against them, ultimately costing them their lives.

The protesters carry signs saying, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ This thinking only exacerbates the problem. Their signs should read, ‘ALL LIVES MATTER!’

When communities can finally see past black, white, hispanic, asian, etc, only then can we truly be called Americans, and only then will we be free.

*                                                                        *                                                               *

On a final note: The CDC says the flu vaccine missed the mark and are not as effective as they had hoped…but you should still get one anyway…???

I am not an anti-vaccer, but the flu vaccine, while it does have its place, is not a guarantee that you will not get the flu anyway. Especially now that its effectiveness is so greatly diminished.

I do wonder though, knowing the efficacy is less than half its potential, why push forward to have it done? Could it be that even though the CDC genuinely cares about the health and well being of the population at large, big pharma has much more to lose if people stopped getting them. They must recoup their losses somehow. Just a thought.

*                                                                         *                                                             *

There you go- my recap of the week is this: If you must take a stand, be sure it is a battle worth fighting for, reserve your judgments for something worthwhile that you would be proud to say, this is what I am about, this is what I stand for and this is what I would give my life for. And it also helps to remember, simple hand washing with plain soap and water has been proven effective for fighting off a plethora of disease causing germs, even the flu.

Stay healthy people.

Weekend review- November 29, 2014


‘From our family to yours, have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving…’

This is a sentiment expressed by and to Americans during this final week of November countless times, and is usually received with grateful attitudes and heartfelt thanks...except when it comes in the form of a tweet from an NFL team called The Washington Redskins. When that happens, conspiracy theorists and political pundits alike feel there must have been an ulterior motive that involves pot shots and poor taste and the ultimate question of ‘what did they mean by that!’

I am curious to know when we, as a nation, became so cynical. Why can’t, ‘have a good day,’ mean, ‘have a good day,’ without anything more being read into it? Is it human nature to see only the bad or is it the skewed perspectives we have picked up along the way that make it so?

*                          *                               *

In August, a young man, Michael Brown, 18 years of age, on the weekend before he was to start college, got into an altercation with a policeman and was gunned down in the street. His life was abruptly ended before it could even take off. His death ignited a maelstrom of events, riots and racial tension that has carried on for months.

If you believe one life does not make a difference, think again.
The ripples of his death sent shock waves throughout the nation and even around the world.

This week was Thanksgiving week in America. This week, a grand jury released a verdict that the officer involved in killing Michael Brown, would not be indicted, triggering a whole new wave of riots and looting from angry people.

What happened on that hot August day will never fully be understood. Conflicting eyewitness accounts, an overwhelmed grand jury panel with an overabundance of evidence, (some relevant, some not), caused them to bring forth a non-indicting verdict.

I watched an interview with Michael Brown’s grieving parents. The media would have us believe he was a monster, deserving of his fate, but the anguish I saw in his mother and father, well spoken, heart broken people, showed me a different perspective.

In the end, this is what the whole thing comes down to, perspective.
Was he a criminal? Maybe. Video tapes showed him stealing less than an hour before he died.
Did he deserve to die for this? No.

Eyewitness accounts were conflicting, thus confusing the grand jury.
Were these witnesses lying? No. Studies have shown repeatedly how unreliable witness testimony is because human memory is so unreliable. Our brains lie to us all the time making us believe we saw things we didn’t or we remember things in a different way than actually happened.
Should the officer involved have gone to trial for this? In my humble opinion, yes.
The grand jury was inundated with information they couldn’t process. The letter of the law limited what they could do. They chose, not to give Michael Brown a voice in his defense, even posthumously.

And the community responded, like a powder keg of violence, and It was not wholly unexpected.

Admittedly, how rioting and looting of innocent homes and shops can be justified as a protest is beyond me.

Two negatives do not make a positive.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Looting to decry injustice is illegal, making the need for law enforcement even more prevalent.

This isn’t the Old West. I’d like to think we have moved beyond finding justice in the barrel of a gun.

Perhaps, out of this horrible event, there will now be a push for more police/body cams to counter unreliable witness accounts.

Perhaps, when the dust settles, cooler heads will prevail and a community effort will be put forth to rebuild instead of tear down.

Perhaps, one day, people will see that violence is not an answer and will only beget more violence.

Or perhaps, that is just my perspective, and it too, is as flawed as the rest.

Take care people. It’s a scary world out there and we are all just trying to survive.
Have a good week…and by that, I mean just that, Have a good week.

Weekend Review- Nov 22, 2014

normal barbie

As the US prepares to give thanks this week, as is our annual tradition of Thanksgiving, several families that have been affected by terror from halfway around the world will find it a difficult time to celebrate.

This past week, aid worker, Peter Kassig was killed in an act of pure evil by master criminals that feel they can behead their enemies to prove a point.

My heart breaks for the families that have suffered the loss of loved ones in this way.

I firmly believe these perpetrators, hiding behind their masks and their religion, will pay for their crimes–I hope it is sooner rather than later.

I also believe that very few secrets remain so for long, especially in this digital age of information. They will be found.

What I don’t understand is how, back in 2011, the US could authorize a drone attack that could kill two American citizens on foreign soil yet we have no clue, with all the resources at the ready, to find these not so secret groups causing such heinous crimes. Maybe that is the bigger secret not yet ready to be revealed.

*                               *                               *

There seems to be an online petition requesting the removal of the reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. The show chronicles a devout Christian family that believes birth control should remain in God’s hands…hence so many kids. These ultra conservatives home-school their children, have a sibling buddy system in place where the older kids are basically responsible for their younger siblings care and well being, all of the children are highly monitored, and have very few freedoms for themselves. I find it fascinating that other groups existing such as this are titled as cults, but in this case, it is called Family Friendly viewing.

Apparently these good people have expressed their anti-homosexual beliefs a little too loudly and have offended the LGBT society enough so that a petition is circulating to have them removed from public broadcasting.

Again, what I don’t understand is, how can having 19 kids be considered great parenting role models in the first place? And the bigger question is, how can society expect a group of people with such hard core beliefs to feel any other way?

*                                          *                                     *

Speaking of role models–there is a new doll in town. Nicknamed, The Real Barbie or aka, Lammily. This doll is more realistically proportioned than the actual Barbie and comes with an assortment of stickers that can be added to her, ranging from stretch marks, scars, cellulite all the way up to acne. (wondering how to explain stretch marks to kids is another story)

It seems someone thinks there was a need for this but again, what I don’t get is why Barbie is getting such a bad rap and why do we need our fantasy dolls/cartoons/images to be politically correct?

Why can’t we allow kids to have fantastical toys and let their imaginations soar? Why is there such a need to allow the harsh realities of this world to creep into the minds of those who could do with more imagination…not less?

I had a Barbie when I was a child. It was the only doll I ever had. I didn’t look at it with disdain or think I should grow up to be a disproportionate, blond, supermodel. Most kids enjoy life in the moment without attaching such adult insecurities or dire consequences to the future. Perhaps we should take a lesson from that, instead.

Barbie really isn’t the problem.

*                                      *                                         *

A couple from Canada, wife 6 months pregnant, vacationed in Hawaii. She went into premature labor and was hospitalized for 6 more weeks before giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Despite the fact that they did get travel insurance, their medical claim was denied due to a preexisting condition. That is more of a problem with the ones that sold them that policy but not much is said about that.

Now back at home, they are shocked to receive a medical bill of almost one million dollars.
That was just their share, the Canadian government and the state of Hawaii picked up part of the tab in addition to.

There is a saying, Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should.

It’s great you can vacation, (most Americans can’t, for this very reason)..but is it a good idea to do so while expecting?

Was this couple highly optimistic or just ignorant? I am stymied that most of the world does not realize what a hot bed of chaos our medical system is and if traveling here, not have a plan for contingencies.

Most Americans are a medical crisis away from bankruptcy. We pay, and pay and then pay some more.

One thing is for sure, they now have an inkling of what it is like to be an American, and they should also be very careful how they criticize Americans, because they just gave birth to one. So with Thanksgiving coming up, Yankee child in tow, maybe, just maybe, they will give thanks that they live in a country that has socialized medicine and not have to deal with the continued back breaking angst of what it is to be US.

Our world is filled with criminal heathens, the politically (in)correct, church lovin’, blissfully ignorant souls that blatantly trespass over boundaries they think do not apply to them, which in turn, burdens an already overburdened society…then we wonder, how did things ever got so bad in the first place?
Just one more thing to ponder.

Happy Thanksgiving, People
May Peace, Blessings and Good Health be yours