Check-Up and Check-In (wk38)

This week is a review week of all the progress that has been made so far in this journey.

It’s good to look back at where you have been to see how far you have come. It reaffirms the path you are on and the direction you are heading towards in your future.

I started this make-over midyear instead of as a New Year’s project. While the work is still the same, I am offbeat from the author’s point of view. Starting in January, week 38 would land us at the beginning of the autumn season instead of heading into spring as I am currently doing now. It’s all good, and looking back this gives me a good view of what I have accomplished.

The biggest boon has been that, barring illness, I have stuck with the program, and most of my accountability partners have stuck with me, cheering me on and keeping me on track, faithful to my mission. This weekly workout has helped them as much as it has me, of that I am sure, and I am extremely grateful for those exchanges that go both ways.

Check-up, Check-in:

  • Use this time to check in with your priorities and to tighten up commitments to self-care.
  • Reevaluate your ‘Yes’ list. [ ]This was one of the best exercises I have done and enjoyed throughout this past year. It is also the one thing I recommend the most for people to do. The Absolute Yes list sets immediate boundaries that leave little room for questioning or debate. My list hasn’t changed but I find it satisfying when making decisions that if something is NOT on my Absolute Yes list, I don’t feel bad for saying NO.
  • Do you have scheduled weekly time for yourself?   Yes. On my day off, which falls midweek, I make that my ME time to do whatever I want or nothing at all, and again, without guilt.
  • Have you made any commitments you are reconsidering?  Nope.


  • Update Yes List (my list is fine)
  • Review Calendar (my calendar is fine, too)
  • Create Reserve space (Done)
  • Choose a weekend over next few months just for you (working on it)

Now I am off to repair a damaged screen so I can sign off on last week’s work and have some time for me.