Checking Under the Hood (wk11)


This week was a great one on the topic of self-reflection. Checking under the hood to determine what needs to be tweaked in order to help develop the characteristics needed to move forward with your goals.

Anna Mary Robertson was born on September 7, 1860. One of ten children, she left home at the tender age of 12 to work as a hired girl for a nearby farm, where she stayed in servitude for the next 15 years….

If we plan on taking a trip, we make arrangements in advance. We figure out where and when we are leaving, put together an itinerary, save money, know in advance where we are going to stay.

…until she married Thomas Salmon Moses, at the age of 27.
Establishing themselves out of Virginia, they spent 2 decades on four separate farms, before purchasing one of their own.

With a clear map in place, we embark on our journey, making small adjustments along the way but for the most part, we stick to the outline that will make our travels flow better.

Together, they had 10 children, but only 5 survived infancy.
When her husband died in 1927, her son, Forrest helped her run the family farm until arthritis sidelined her and she moved in with a daughter in 1936.

Strange, how the temporary trips in our lives get more attention than does the entirety of the lifespan itself. Many finish high school, go on to higher education or marry or fall into a career.
Only 33 percent plan for retirement, (American statistics), others will work until they die.
I personally know many people that had very sweet nest eggs saved up for their golden years until a crushing recession removed that option from their lives and leveled the playing field.
I am not sure which is worse; Having no money for the future, or, having it before losing it all.

Life is what we make it. Always has been. Always will be. ~Grandma Moses

At the age of 76, when arthritis kept Mary from doing her beloved embroidery, her sister suggested she take up painting instead. (sometimes sisters have good ideas). From that day forward, for the next 25 years, Mary painted every single day.

When we get stuck in our lives, this brings on a perfect opportunity to ‘check under the hood.’
Look inside. Focus on what needs to be done. Who do you need to become in order to achieve your goals?
Uninstructed in the arts, Mary painted what she wanted, how she wanted. Called a primitive painter, she became legendary for her folk-art style. At first, giving away or selling her paintings for $5-$10 apiece, she later commanded prices between $8-$10 thousand dollars per painting. A princely sum even now!
Known in her neck of the woods as Mother Moses, or even Grandma Moses, a journalist interviewing her, printed this moniker, and Grandma Moses is the name history will forever remember her by.

Some people fall into their destinies by chance, others by choice. The majority must work to accomplish what may come easy to some. Having goals is noteworthy, but achieving them is a different story. It will certainly take an action plan but it must also take an internal one as well.
What do you need in your toolbox to get the job done? What skill must you learn? What characteristic do you need to develop?

A year after Grandma Moses began painting, three of her works were included in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, exhibited under ‘Contemporary Unknown American Painters.’ From there she had solo shows all over north America and Europe, receiving accolades along the way.
Grandma Moses is the perfect example that you are never too old to live out your dreams.
This week’s challenge is to look into how you need to grow in order to achieve your goal. To discover how you might need develop yourself, try this process:

Identify someone doing what you’d like to do:
Grandma Moses
List (3) qualities that contributed to this person’s success:
Pick the one quality you know you need to develop most of all.
Look for practical ways to develop this quality everyday

Painting is not important. The important thing is keeping busy. ~Grandma Moses

This is something the author and I completely agree on. Each day, do something bold, going out and taking chances. If you take practical actions every day to develop this part of your character, you will not only arrive at your destination, you will enjoy a smoother ride.

The quality I need to develop is:

To develop this, I will:
Make myself do this everyday
Keep notes/reminders all over as to what I am working towards.
Recognize when I want to make excuses and get back to #1


Still meditating everyday
No smack at all this week
Will either write or paint everyday/ No excuses

Life is what you make it.