Close Encounters (wk24)


In a time when the internet gives more opportunities to make connections with others, the author feels we are losing some fundamental aspect of closeness with the real human beings in our lives.

It is no secret that I am an introvert. The loneliness the author describes as a result of only connecting with people online is not something I experience. I am not a ‘needy’ soul that has to have someone to interact with on a daily basis. I’ve learned to cultivate the belief that if someone was meant to be in my life- they would be.

That’s not to say I don’t understand how lot’s of people are like the author. In my little family of four, while myself, my husband and my oldest son are all quiet, private, introverted individuals, quite happy to be left to our own devices, my youngest explodes onto the scene as a social butterfly. He ‘needs’ to have people around him, people to talk to, places to go, people to meet. He is an anomaly to us. So we are careful not to bash those who are different from us because they are often people in our own family.

In the past, relationships I went out of my way to chase down, always ended badly, causing me a great deal of pain along the way. It was inauthentic and personally damaging on my part. After a lifetime of bad friendships, I took a serious look at my life and chose to walk my own path.
For me that means if I only have one or two good friends I see on occasion, I’m okay with that.

I am not lonely and I am not deprived. I am perfectly fine having the majority of my relationships online. I do not think I am alone in this way of thinking,either. To each their own.

This week, the take action challenge is to identify two people I’d like to get to know better and take action to move me closer to that goal.

There is honestly no one in my life, even peripherally, that I feel a need to get to know better then I already do. So while the author may feel this need more than most….I think I will take a pass on this week’s work.


-My Buddhism/Philosophy class ended this week, I submitted my final today. It was nice to stretch my brain power towards something new and different.
-Still painting
-Still writing
I checked my credit score and….while I have some work to do, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be. If I wasn’t doing this transformative work, I would never have pushed myself to do this. Or paint. Or take classes.
-I think I am feeling pretty darn good about myself.

Catch you next week.