Day 1- Forgive




Today starts a new month, a new blog, a new day. I recently joined a blog group doing a 40 day challenge of Self-Love. Yeah, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that one also. What exactly does that mean? I’m really not sure.

So instead, I am going to use this time to post daily the small things I want to focus on, not necessarily ‘self-love’ but something I wish to work on, and if anything else, at least after 40 days, I will have some good content in addition to my regularly scheduled postings.

Let’s see where it takes me.
Here we go:

Day 1-
I am giving myself a pass. A pass to forgive myself for all the bad choices I have made that has undermined my progress in life.

I’ve held myself back and I have set myself up for failure too many times to count.

That stops here. At Day 1.
From here I move forward. I make new choices that will improve my future.

They say forgiveness is liberating.

It’s time I free myself.

For those I have wronged,
I am Sorry
For those who have wronged me,
I forgive you
For the times I have wronged myself,
I forgive you
I release you
It’s time to move on