Day 12- Taste


“You have to eat good food to taste good food” Jiro Yoshino

Some time last year, I watched a documentary called, Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
It was about one of the foremost pioneers in sushi that took Japan, and later the world, by storm.

Jiro, the main subject, now in his eighties, has been making and perfecting the art of sushi that he has been making since the tender age of eleven.

It is amazing to see passionate people doing what they love.

Now, I don’t really eat sushi, but after watching this show, a part of me wanted to book a trip to Japan, just to sit at one of the nine chairs available in Jiro’s restaurant, which are reserved more than three months in advance, with a starting price of $325 a plate, to partake in the passion this man offered up.

Since I am not going to Japan anytime soon, today I will treat myself to a nice meal, somewhere, and think about other ways to better my taste buds.

How can you treat your body better today?