Day 16- Truth Talker

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What does Truth mean to you?
Is it an abstract concept or a hard and fast rule?
Is it written in stone or does it fluctuate based on new found data?

How about this…What does your Truth mean to you? What do you believe it to be?
Do you even know?

Truth defined:
The true or actual state of a matter

But who is to say what is true or not? It is a well known fact in criminal trials, witness testimony is a most unreliable method of establishing truth because witnesses rely on memory, which changes with each visit. Our brains change events based on our thoughts and not on the events themselves.

Columbus discovered America. That is what American school children are taught to be true…until new information shows that vikings landed in North America 500 years before Columbus was even born. Are we taught about this? Of course not!

Truth changes based on the most recent data. (Don’t believe it,? Check out The Innocence Project.)

The point is, in an age of information that is constantly being updated, no one person has the final say in what your truth is.
Meanwhile, each one of us needs to find a standard by which to register our personal belief system…and then speak it out…loud. Without fear of judgement or retribution.

If it is our firm belief, we have a right to express it until we choose to pay heed to any incoming information that may challenge that system or our minds.

Here are a few of the things I believe to be true:

~ Life lessons are repeated until we choose to learn from them and move on
~The universe honors those with a plan
~The veil between worlds is thin
~Art must be made
~We must be honest with others but even more so with ourselves
~Little things matter
~We may all be connected but we each walk our own path
~We need to fill our lives with people who encourage us to be our best and truest selves
~We should all be responsible for leaving people and places better off for us having been there

These are my Truths…What are some of yours?