Day 17- Art Must be Made

lascaux(*note: I am not a physician, though I have visited many, all medical claims are strictly my opinion and cannot be proven…yet)

Art must be made.
Pure and simple.
Art must be made.

This is one of my heartfelt beliefs.
Everyone has a vein of creativity in them which supports my theory that art must be made.

We are driven by certain instincts in order to survive; the drive to find food, water, shelter, to procreate and for the most part, provide for our kith and kin. All the basics are there to ensure the continuance of future generations.

Yet, somewhere along the line, an aesthetic instinct was written into our gene code as well, compelling us to make art. I am convinced this gene is stronger in some, more than others, but everyone has a bit of it hidden within them somewhere. It is this gene that takes us from merely surviving, to thriving. It gives purpose and often passion.

It is one thing to last, it is another to live.

From the caves of Lascaux, down through the centuries, to the finger-painting we do as children, art must be made.

Do you feel the pull?
What is your preferred medium.
Oils, chalk, crayons, pencils? Keyboards, hammer/chisel, potting soil and seeds, music, gaming, exercise, dance? Do you make duck calls, play in instrument, do sports, solve equations for fun, sculpt, photoshop, bake? Do you glue seashells to wooden boxes, string beads, sew, recycle or upcycle from trash bins? Do you sing, build motorcycles, weld, paint, juggle, craft? What ever your medium of choice, art is the outlet that we release our inner divinity.

Take note, Creativity abounds.
Show your art, anywhere and everywhere you can. Don’t ever stop.

We fight to survive.
We survive to live.

We live for…what?