Day 22- Sanctuary

sand rock

Home: A place of refuge…or refuse?

Let’s get real here.
A sanctuary, better known as a safe haven from the harsh negativity of the outside world.

These small pockets of safety are oftentimes confused with our home dwellings.
Those places that hold and hide our true identities.

It is a lot of work to maintain a peaceful domicile, both physically and spiritually.

Part of the problem is that our western mindset lends itself to the idea that we are a byproduct of our belongings.

Unlike our Eastern counterparts that subscribe to the theory that ‘less is more,’ we believe, ‘more is more’ and we keep adding to the collections of curiosities that make up our lives, hoping it will bring us some peace.

when we look upon the accumulation of wealth that we have achieved, evidenced in our homes, what do we see, clutter, or the zen-like peacefulness that only comes from ordered living?

(note: my home is a mix between The Good-Will, chaos theory and various orphaned projects languishing in the dark recesses. What is your’s like?)

In my bid at this self-love challenge, I am working on en-lightening my load, removing the excesses in my life and moving towards a better way of living. Care to join me?