Day 23- Life Lessons

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For well over a decade, since the book, The Secret.  came out, the topic of the Law of Attraction has been overwhelmingly talked about, hashed over, debated, used and misused.

I’m not here to talk about that today.

What I am addressing is the firm belief I hold that each one of us goes through life learning various lessons, and some of those lessons either unheeded or completely ignored, get repeated.

I believe we attract by intent or default, the lessons we get in our lives.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a law of attraction subject or not. Maybe it is, but what I am talking about isn’t necessarily this positive, universe will provide type scenario.

I’m talking about the hard core things that make or break our characters. They create our lives. They impact us on a soul level.

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it

We know that Like attracts Like. We are drawn to like minded souls, we gather things, people, events that resonate with us based on our attraction level.

Yet, opposites also attract. Think magnets or unconventional romances.

In the law of attraction, we get what we think about…but not always, Thank God…I am a hypochondriac, and I haven’t gotten some of the things I have imagined I could, and I’ve imagined a lot.

But as far as life lessons go, we all have them.

Stories abound about those in abusive relationships that escape them only to find themselves in new ones with the same kind of abuser. Life lessons.
Or people with money problems that win the lotto only to lose it all because they never really learned how to deal with money in the first place. Life lessons.
Or kids trying to gain much needed acknowledgement from their unsupportive parents…it will never come but they keep trying anyway, repeatedly. Life lessons.

Until these lessons are learned, and the pattern disrupted, the cycle will continue to repeat.

How do you know if you are in a revolving door of learning?
Just look for repeating negative patterns in your life.

Do you keep loaning people money and not get paid back?
Are you continuously betrayed by others?
What chafes at you, over and over and over?
Are your creative ideas stolen and used by others again and again?
These are just a smattering of Life Lessons.
Once you learn how to identify them, that particular lesson will be over with, because you will have learned how to deal with it…and then it will be replaced with something new.

Such is Life. We never stop learning.

So what Life Lesson is making itself known in your life?

I owe it to myself to break harmful, repetitive patterns. I owe it to myself to catch and release the negativity that comes my way.

So do you.