Day 28- Gooooooooallll!!!!


Do you have a goal?
Not a dream but a goal?
Dreams are something that can inspire but they are also ethereal. Intangible.

I love dreams.
I am quite proficient in the art of dreaming, but dreams alone are not enough to make it into reality.

That takes work.
Sorry, I know that can be an awful word to some.

Dreams need care and nurturing, encouragement and attention. They demand time and can often be expensive depending on what they are and if they are chased after. They are a bit like children.

And also like children, they are worth birthing into the world. To do this, there must be a plan put in place and set in motion.

That is where goals come in.
Take a dream-any dream- big or small.

Break it down into smaller components.

Figure out monetary involvement and a time frame to achieve these smaller components.

Now work your butt off to reach your timely goals.

Dreams divided into an action plan with timely goals and discipline= Dreams come true

So, again, I ask, Do you have a goal?

Today I will evaluate my dreams and revisit my action plans to make my dreams come true.