Day 29- In an age of ageism

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‘You are as old as you feel’
I’m sure you have heard that before. If only it was true.

Some days I feel like I could still be in my twenties….some days I feel much, much older than mid-forties.

I guess it would be better to say age is a state of mind. What state that would be is up to you.

There are certain insights that can only be gained by clocking years of experience under your belt. These hard earned bits of wisdom come at a price, one paid in blood, sweat, tears, toils, treacheries and triumphs.

Those of my ilk have been baptized by fire and lived to tell the tale. You would think this steep road we have traveled would award us a little satisfaction but in a world that values youth and indiscretion, those of my knd are sadly relegated to the cheap seats on the outside of the arena.

Sure, there are the ones that still hold sway under the eaves of the limelight, as there are always exceptions to the rules, but for the most part, our experience counts against us for no other reason then we have so much of it.

Much can be told about a society by the way it treats its elderly and infirm.

This doesn’t bode well for Americans that are living longer while barely living.

I wrestle with these concepts as I am no longer considered youthful by society’s measures yet I still don’t feel old.

I don’t dye my hair and can see the white creeping in. My joints ache, my skin has thinned but my spirit is still strong.

Do I lament the days of my youth I will never get back or do I celebrate my survival of the crap years that have gotten me to this point in my life?

I think…I think, a celebration is in order.
Who is up for a party?

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