Day 3- Reflections

You would think that after four decades of looking at myself in the mirror, I would have come to terms with the person looking back at me.

That’s not always the case.

Some mornings I hit the floor running and barely give myself a second glance.

Other mornings, I have found myself staring at my reflection, wondering what the hell happened during the night. I didn’t look that way yesterday…did I?

When did my eyebrows start thinning?
Did I always have wrinkles on my neck?
Is that a new mole? Was it there yesterday? What exactly does skin cancer look like?

They say our noses continue growing throughout life. Why????

Why does aging have to take such a toll not only on the body but mostly on the mind?

So, while I contemplate these curiosities of life- I think that today and for the remainder of this challenge, I am going to give my reflection a break, (not literally of course, that would invoke seven years of bad luck I cannot afford at this venerable stage), and treat my morning visage to a heartfelt compliment.

You made it this far, Lady, don’t stop now.

How can you make your reflection smile?