Day 31- Find Your Footing


art by Michael Whedon

Footing: 1. the position of your feet when they are safely on the ground or some other surface.
2. a secure placement of the feet in standing or moving.
A basis or foundation, position or rank in relation to others.

I often have repetitive dreams, different scenarios but the same theme. I am barefoot on very sharp, dangerous terrain. The need to move is imminent, but the fear of pain is paralyzing.

These type of dreams usually come at times in my life when I am feeling rather vulnerable and I’ve accepted this is how my subconscious translates it into symbolism.

I need to move forward but can’t.

When these dreams occur, it is a sign for me to take stock of what is happening in my waking life and to find my footing. The safety zone where I am grounded and steady.

I need to be on solid ground in order to make solid decisions, and once I find my footing, I need to find a way to keep my feet. To remain standing and face what comes my way.

We all walk a path of unsteady ground, we all slip and many, many of us fall, but we get back up because that is what people do.

My most recent dream where I was barefoot and vulnerable, ended up with me finding a pair of shoes to wear, and with that, I was ready for any journey to come.

Maybe that was my subconscious telling me, ‘You’ve got this.’

How can you find your footing today?