Day 32- Growing Pains

10526142_627758610664385_7323047610253548963_n dragons

When my youngest started kindergarten, his first day, the teacher had each child sit on a carpeted square and this would be ‘their’ spot for the rest of the school year.

By the last day of school, the kids had already outgrown their squares, and each one was encroaching on their classmates squares.

Trying to corral 28 kids into a tight little space is much the same as herding cats.

By the last day of school, not only was the teacher ready for the kids to move on, the kids were ready, too.

You see, in a relatively short span of time, the children outgrew their clothes, their class, their space.

They would get antsy and grumble…a lot. ‘He’s touching me,’ ‘she’s on my square,’ ‘I have no room.’

These are growing pains. Not the typical, back aching, legs hurting, hip adjusting pains normally associated with growing up, but more of a spiritual one.

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We have two bearded dragons. (reptiles for those wondering, see picture).

Sometimes, one or the other or both at the same time get in bad moods. (Yes, reptiles have moods)
They are fed, clean and well kept so we wonder, are they ill? Why are they sullen? Why are they snappy? Why are they puffing their beards out? (a sign of stress, illness, or aggression)
And always, always, within a day or two of acting this way, their skin becomes lighter, dryer, and they shed.

Growing Pains.

We get like this too.
We get comfortable with our environment, our clothes, our jobs and our lives.
And then one day, we get a nagging feeling that something is off. We get restless for no reason and start examining root causes.

Diet hasn’t changed. Work hasn’t changed. Relationships haven’t changed. So, if everything is the same, why the feeling of discord?

It’s because things haven’t changed. As much as we are creatures of habit, we are not meant to remain the same. We are not meant to be stagnant. We are meant to grow, evolve, experience new things. We are meant to live.

If things in your life have remained the same and you are happy with this, good. More power to you.

But if things in your life have remained the same and you feel restless, antsy, angst, then take stock of the areas in your life that could benefit from new energy and grow.

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ ~Anais Nin