Day 33- GO

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On your mark. Get set. GO!

This is how kids prepare themselves to do something. Anything.

Filled with excitement. Anticipation.

Like racehorses at the starting gate. Chomping at the bit to get a move on.

Back then, living for the moment was everything.
“Now” was the time to do Everything…Anything.
Dreams were chased.
Fun was had.

Then we grew up.
Adulthood sets in like a bad disease and the new mantra becomes,
‘Hurry up and wait.’ ‘Wait, I’m not ready.’ ‘It’s not time.’ ‘Let’s think this through a bit. Then a bit more.’

Soon, those bits add up to years spent waiting. Wondering.
Is this why we wanted to grow up?

We forget we were destined for greatness. The greatness that only a child can imagine, because nothing is off limits for a kid.

The good news is, this little child is still inside there. Inside of you. Dreaming BIG dreams.

LISTEN. Do you hear it?
That little voice calling from the nether regions of your soul?

It’s saying are you ready? Get set.


(today I will dream the dreams that only the child in me can dream…and then start chasing them.
What dreams did you have as a child?)

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