Day 34- Be Still

be still I

Do you ever feel unsure? Undecided? Divided?
Questioning where to put your energies- mental or otherwise?

Yes, these are the questions that sometimes crop up for me when I have a restless spirit and feel as though I am in a mental and spiritual tug-o-war.

It’s times like these when I want so badly to “DO” something. To act. To decide. And it’s at these times, that the best course of action is non-action.

It is rather counter-intuitive but it works. Be still, or still your mind. Go for a walk, meditate or exercise while not giving any thought to the problem at hand. Decide not to decide. If something isn’t working, don’t force it.

Walk away. Listen to music. Get back to nature.

Eventually, the disjointed feelings unkink themselves and the regularly scheduled programming which is your brain, resumes.
(If it doesn’t, then medical intervention should be sought)

Once the shadowed pall over the soul lifts, life goes on.

If prevention is the best medicine, it might not be a bad idea to make it a practice of being still.

I don’t know if this has any effect of working in advance, but there is no harm in trying. There are great benefits to meditation and such.

Is your soul calling you to be still? You might want to listen to it.