Day 35- A ‘Real’ Thank You


Several years ago, I read a book that made a huge difference in my life. It made me look at the people surrounding me with gratitude and it did what a month of Sundays in church, did not. It made me feel grateful without the guilt.

The book is called, 365 Thank Yous. It is a true story about a man whose life was in the toilet and he turned things around by a conscious decision he made to be thankful for all situations in his life instead of continuing the victim role he had partaken in for so much of it.

In this book, the author makes a vow to hand write a thank you note a day for an entire year, to see if he can notice any difference.

His whole life changes.

I believe in the power of gratitude and of giving thanks. And I have many, many souls on my list. Here is a smattering of them.

A couple years ago, there was an online course I wanted to take, so badly, but being an introvert and new to social media, I didn’t know how to use skype, which is how the course was offered.

To me, Skype was so wickedly-exotic and the thought of using it was daunting. (funny now, but at the time, it was scary)

But I wanted to take this course, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and contacted the one offering this program, Limitless Megan, and she literally walked me through the steps to getting and using a Skype account.
This was one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever taken and I met some of the most amazing people that I still count as friends today.

From there, I jumped over to Jani Franck’s course on confronting block monster’s that stunt our creative growth and met a slew of other like minded souls that I am still in contact with and have seen some wonderful friendships blossom from this.

Teresa Deak, this gracious butterfly maven has shown that love and beauty can not only take on evil and win, but it also heals the soul and rebuilds our world into a more loving place.

Daniel Brenton, who not only keeps us updated on government corruptions, can write mind boggling novels that take 5 seconds or less to read, but helped me with my web site/blog and even designed my favicon before I knew what a favicon even was.

There are some people I know exactly where I met them and others I have picked up along the way that seemed to fit right into my world, seamlessly, like they have always been there, offering much needed encouragement and advice.

Sylvia vanBruggen, who reminds us that playtime is just as important as breathing and should never be overlooked.
Michelle Schrorer, speaking of breathing, this lady listens to the beat of her own drum and makes room for much needed breath breaks which are so important to our entire well being.
Cory Scurlock, Joanne Arcari and Clare Lopez, give a daily dose of laughter and are more in tune with with current affairs than most news channels.
Eveline Meadel , Angie Twydall, Tracey Selingo, and Amy Palko are all about the beauty and sensitivity of women’s issues everywhere. Goddesses all.
Kim larocque’s-Muse in the Valley, a tender soul that gave me the opportunity and platform to voice my opinions and opened up a whole new world for a shy gal from California.

Of course, my list would not be complete without the mention of my daily encouragers,
Clare de Costa-Funkhauser, that keeps the Aloha spirit alive with her art, postings and virtual hugs, or Shani Burgess dragon lover and pyrographic artist.

And then it is down to my two online besties. The ones I vent to, seek advice from and laugh with.
Karla Tucker and Sara Thibault. Sagely women, dream interpreters and grounding agents.

This is my circle. I am thankful for each and every one of them. These are real people behind their online avatars, with real feelings.

There are those who believe that online friends are not “real” friends because they are in a virtual world with no “real” substance.

I beg to differ.

All these people I have never met, have taken my by the hand, infiltrated my heart and have challenged me to be a better version of myself.

They make me laugh. Make me think. Have shared in my triumphs and have been cheerleaders that continue to encourage me along my path.

To each and every one of them mentioned, and those I have yet to get to, I say, Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Several years ago, I read a small book that stuck with me until present day. It moved me deeply. It wasn’t the great American novel. It was a short little read, yet I still think about, share and credit the author with shifting my perspective so much.

Today is a day for thanks.

(who is on your list?)