Day 36- Want To Do List(s)

my tree

Are you a list person?
Do you make To Do Lists and studiously check them off once completed? Or do you just ‘wing it?’

I’m not really a list person. In my twenties, when day planners became all the rage, I bought one, or two, or three.
I’m really good at starting things but the daily lists and calendars became onerous and my free spirit rebelled.

I still can’t organize my drawers, my closet, my life.
There are some people that live for their BlackBerrys, day planners, calendars and to do lists.

I’m not one of them which is probably the reason I am where I am in life…but just because I don’t have a day planner doesn’t mean I don’t have goals. I do. Lot’s of them.

Only my life list/plans/goals are a bit more amorphous in their structure compared to others.

I’ve shared my Want To Do list with others and I will share it here, a bit later.

I don’t call it To Do
-That’s too obligatory
I don’t call it a Bucket List
-hypochondriacs don’t need a reminder of impending death
I call it my ‘Want To Do’ list because on it are all things I WANT to do and not things I have to do.
(Semantics plays a big role in my life)

Some things on my list are huge, some are teeny, all are favorable.

On my bedroom closet door, I have a creative tree made of post-it notes. (see picture) On each ‘leaf’, I have written down a goal. I look at this everyday. I add to it. I review it all the time. Each goal accomplished, I move the leaf down and move on to whatever catches my fancy next. My tree spreads out as more is added. That’s my list. That’s my life.

Today, I will choose one thing to complete and then move on.

(what is on your Want To Do list?)