Day 37- The Lotto Game


Do you play the ‘Lotto Game?’
Not the Lotto but the game…you know, the, …’if I won the lotto, what would I do with the money’, game?

I love asking people this question because the answers are as varied as the people answering it.

Almost everyone I know always says, first and foremost, they would pay off bills. I would too. That shows how many responsible people I actually know.

After that, the answers, buy new cars, (get full medical check-ups for entire family…ok, that one is mine), etc. But then what?

Here is my secret- I don’t want to travel. I like staying local.
If money were no object, I would fix my car, (yes, I’d like to keep the mom-mobile running as long as possible), I would buy a home and then I would spend my days writing/crafting/reading to people and making art. I love to do these things.

I would start an online gallery/website to market and sell not only my work, but my creative friend’s work as well.

I would self-publish my stories, and I would find a way to patent and market my inventions.

My dreams are simple and that’s okay. I allow myself to dream any way I want.
Sometimes we need that little extra escape.
Today, I will spend a little escape time, dreaming, planning, and then seeing what I can implement in my life now without winning…who needs the lotto? Right?

(what would you do if you won ? Can you do any of those things now?)