Day 38- Bloom Where You Are Planted

1610773_628865157220397_6701372040005963761_n bloom

I’ve always hated that saying, Bloom where you are planted. To me, it’s like saying you are stuck where you are so make the best of it.

For a wild flower like me, (wild flower not wild child), one that doesn’t conform well to flowered beds or neatly furrowed rows, it is difficult for me to like the idea of stuckness.

The meaning is not lost on me that it really is about being happy enough to blossom in your own skin, (yes, even if it is aging and acne prone at the same time)

This entire 40 day challenge brought me face to face with certain aspects of my nature I normally wouldn’t have faced.

I am not svelte or majestic. I’m just me. Like a weed, I thrive in the most unlikely of places and atmospheres. Similar to a dandelion, I am fragile yet I can choke the crap out of the more stately flowers because I am persistent. I don’t give up. I will fight for my right to be, whether I am a weed or not, because, dammit, we deserve our place in the sun, too!

So, when you think of that saying, ‘friends are flowers in the garden of life’…know that there is a tiny little ‘lion’ in there as well, enjoying the view.

(and what flower would you be?)