Day 39- Want To Do List (Life List: part deux)

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For your reading pleasure…
My Want To do List

Things I want to make:

Memory Board, Vision Board, Shadow Box art, 3D Journal, Tamales, Posters, Calendar art, T-shirt art, Fudge, Jewelry, Fairy Garden, 3D Artwork, Write a Book, Garden art, a Terrarium, a Vivarium, Historic art, Bible art, Affirmation cards, Mixed media art, Tea cup candles, Lip balms, Dream catcher, Bread, Jewelry board, Jewelry tree, Family tree, Medical tree, Diorama, Altered book art, Recipe notebook, Muse notebook, ER notebook, Invention Prototype, Silhouette art, Faux quilt, String art, Black out art, Finger painting, Homemade vanilla extract, ER Kits, Bird seed tea cups, Succulent tea cups, Wax tea cups, Halloween spell book, Glass art, Glitter art, Egg art, Gourd art, Cookie art, Water color art, Monthly goals, Magazine purses, Dragon Hides, Fossil art, Dia de los Muertos art, Dot art, Wood art, Aboriginal art, Sand art painting, Mask art, Dorodango, Tree art, Fortune cookies, Print art, Kid art, 2014 ornament art, Living plant wall art, Mirror art, Bonsai, write a Manifesto and write 12 monthly poems

Things I want to do:

Build Sand Sculpture at beach, Get a Professional Massage, Win Lotto, Research book ideas,
Invent something, Write a book, Get tattoo, Donate games, Build a birdhouse, Paint tennis shoes, Walk through an old cemetery, Get mani-pedi, Visit hypnotist, Explore a haunted house, Get acupuncture, Have an online Dia de los Muertos party, Read one book a month, Get Finances in shape, Get husbands birth certificate, Get husband and son passports, Spend time in an Immersion tank, Sell an item on ebay, Work on gratitude and giving book, do a puzzle, Spend at least one hour a week on soul work, Learn to Code, Study Cartography, Spend at least one hour per week learning about business, Monthly goals, Invent an app, Take online Small Business Bodyguard course, Relax,

Places I want to go:

Hawaii, Vegas, Ojai, Redwoods, Griffith Observatory, Del Mar, Rogers Gardens (six visits, have done two so far), Treehouse Point in Wa., OC Fair

(what’s on your list?)

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