Day 40- Forty Day Recap


This is day 40 of the Self-Love blogging challenge. I am pleased more than anything else that I stayed the course and finished something I set out to do.

Upon starting this, I told how I was new to blogging and wasn’t even sure I’d keep up, much less like it. But I did and I do.

I was afraid I would run out of things to say, but the words kept coming, which tells me I have found a positive outlet for things normally kept bottled up. Maybe we don’t reset our default settings, but adjust them, instead, as needed.

This 40 day challenge was all about Self-Love, a term unfamiliar to me in the beginning, yet revealing itself in stages along the way. I found comfort and encouragement with each post I did.

At the start, I worked really hard to get my web site and FB page up and running because I really wanted to be part of a blogging group that was doing this challenge.

Three days in, the admin deleted a post of mine saying it was too intangible and did not conform to the rules of what Self-love was all about.. (The post was Respect)

Taken aback by the stringent rules that could erase my words on a whim because I did not fit a prescribed standard, I stopped posting in this group that I had worked so hard to be in, and I followed my own calling. (hence, Find where you belong)

When I noticed not a week later, that this same admin posted about how she was going to follow her heart, a part of me, (see a visit from the Snark), wondered just how tangible that was. (while several choice words came to mind, I fell back on Dark Gifts and Life Lessons)

You see, my journey has been a long one to get where I am, and if I am going to be honest, no one single person can say, This qualifies as acceptable self-love and That doesn’t. It is because I know my Self-worth that I can Speak my truth.
I have goals, I have dreams, and I have found my footing. I feed my soul on a diet of color therapy, gifts of sound and good taste.
I’ve experienced growing pains, and have learned to Be still.  Meditation is still on my Want to do list, but at least I know my blooming place. Because, after 40 days of giving it deep thought, I can honestly say, I know what self-love is all about and now I can laugh at all the crap that came before.
Now that the challenge is over, I can get back to what calls out to me, because Art must be made and I have a sanctuary to clean up. Time for me to Go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for reading.