Day 5- Self-Worth



What are you worth?

Do you know?


I am not talking about your bank account, or how much property you do or do not own, or what you may have in stocks or even your most recent tax returns.

I am talking, pure and simple, self-worth.

There are no dollar signs, per se, involved.

It is only you on a core level.

Are you worth the love of another human? Of a pet? Of yourself?

It is almost ironic how some of life’s most profound lessons come wrapped up in everyday tasks.

A few years ago, husband and I were doing the weekly shopping at Walmart, (don’t judge me).

As we limit our weekly expenses, usually to the basic necessities, in an attempt to save wherever we can, we found ourselves in the shampoo aisle.
I needed shampoo, (yes, the dandruff kind), and as I go to reach for the bottle, my brain stopped my arm mid reach, to remind me that I had left my dollar-off coupon at home and would now have to pay full price. I stood there unsure what to do.

After all, every dollar counts, right?

My husband, waiting impatiently, asks me, ‘what are you doing?’

I explain about the coupon.

He said, ‘get it anyway.’

I explain again, at length this time about the coupon and how every dollar counts and now I have to pay full price, yada, yada, yada.

I will never forget the look on his face, like I was an alien that just landed from Mars.

He stared at me, eyebrows raised, at first confused, then amused and then incredulous.
He is a soft spoken man and even though he was standing a bit away from me, even though he spoke very quietly, his words hit me like a ton of bricks.

He shook his head slightly and asked in all honesty, ‘Don’t you think you are worth full price?’

I know very well in his mind he’s thinking, it’s only a dollar, get it, let’s go, but to me, his question knocked me off balance.

‘Don’t you think you are worth full price?’

Up until then, I didn’t. But as I stood there looking at him, seeing myself through his eyes, even for a second, I realized,
I AM worth full price.
I AM worth $3.49 (the full price of the shampoo bottle)
I AM worth so much more than I know.

So again I ask.What are you worth?