Day 6- Relaxation

to do

Some time ago there was a book called The Art of Doing Nothing.

Yes, it is strange that there would be a need for a book such as this but its popularity suggests that a definite call was answered here.

From an American perspective, and more in depth, from a southern California view, we are some of the hardest working people on the planet.

We don’t slow down. We don’t know how.

We live with an underlying sense of stress that we don’t even register because it is always there. So the thought of doing nothing-[oxymoron that it is]- makes us quiver.

So, for today, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and chucking my to do list for absolutely nothing.

I will give my mind, my body and my spirit a vacation from do-ing and transition to just be-ing.

I can’t say it is something that will be followed up on, but I can say I will enjoy it….even if it kills me.

How can you relax today?