Day 7- Meditation


Perhaps I should have started this challenge here.

With all the touted benefits about this little practice, it is surprising more people don’t do this.

After all, who doesn’t want improved brain function, creativity, relaxation, health, focus and breathing. The thought of finding inner peace by just sitting still sounds to good to be true.
What’s the catch? The catch is sitting still. Most people can’t seem to do it for prolonged periods of time or even shortened periods for that matter. I know I struggle with it.

Meditation has been on my to do list forever.
It is something I try – I enjoy- and then drop out of frustration.

Maybe it’s my Western upbringing. The inability we have as a culture to be still. Here, we live our lives in fast forward. Like sharks, always moving because to be still is to die. Only, people are not sharks…well, most aren’t anyway.

My past attempts at this practice are always the same. Sit quietly and try to be still.
I fidget. I squirm. My mind pulls me in a thousand different directions and none of those are in a quiet place.

So, as a gift to myself, I will sit quietly, even if it is only five minutes each day and try to quell the endless chatter that is my brain. And there is a lot of chatter.

I will do this daily for the remainder of this challenge because in the end, if gaining five minutes of quiet time a day is all I get out of it, then I will have achieved something more than I thought possible.

It takes 21 days of repetition to establish a habit. Why are good habits so hard to come by and bad ones just show up, I don’t know, but one thing I do know, I am worth at least five minutes a day.