Day 8- Gratitude & Giving

giving I

For the past few years, I’ve been hearing about the benefits that can be reaped by something as simple as being grateful.

People all over kept going on about the importance of keeping a gratitude journal.

Mountains were being moved, lives were being changed by doing nothing more than putting pen to paper and giving a daily shout out to the universe for some small gratuity that happened our way during that day.

And I wanted in. I wanted to join the swelling ranks of people who could rewrite the story of their lives just by saying thanks.

So, with unbridled passion, I started my first gratitude journal.
I committed to writing at least five things I was grateful for every day.
No problem.

Week 1 went well. I am a grateful person.
Week 2 still grateful, but it’s now becoming difficult to write about it.
Week 3 wait…you mean to tell me it’s been a month since I’ve given thanks for anything?

Time to start over.

Six months later, wait, it’s been six months since I’ve written anything?

Okay, I am starting a gratitude journal. I mean it this time.
I will write at least three things I am grateful for everyday…

The following week…I will write at least one thing I am grateful for each week.

…six months later, maybe I am just an ungrateful person.
Maybe this is why good things don’t happen to me, because I cannot find one thing daily to give thanks for.
January, 2014

It was time to turn that challenged thinking around.

After a great deal of study into the energy of actions and attractions, a strange thought would flit on the outskirts of my mind. One day, I let it have free rein and it bloomed into life.

There is a flow to life. An energy that pulses. Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow.

That was the missing link.
My gratitude journal, while meant with the best of intentions, quickly receded into a chore.
Once something becomes obligatory, it then becomes resented.

I AM a grateful person. I AM. But forcing myself to focus on this made me resentful.

So, this year, when I once again began my gratitude journal, it was greeted with a shift in perspective. It was greeted with excitement because this time it wasn’t going to be only about me.

This time, I was going to observe the ebb and flow of energy. The natural balance of things.

The energy of gratitude AND giving.

These were my catch words for the new year. Gratitude and Giving. Two sides of the same coin.

Life is about Give and Take. That is the natural order of things.

My journal this time around, included not only things I am grateful for but how I was able to give as well.

Gratitude and Giving.

When I am grateful, I am happy
When I am giving, I am happier.

Give and Take. Take and Give.

When my journal shows I have not been too big in the giving area, I actively seek to change that.

Ebb and Flow
It has been eight months since I started this new journal. This new way of thinking. This new way of be-ing.

It is not daily but it is consistent.

I believe I am on to something….and for that,
I AM grateful.