Facts,Friends,and Faith (wk 22)


This week is all about ‘F’ words.
Topping the list is Fear.
There are all kinds of fears we deal with everyday.
Big Fears and Little Fears.

I am well versed in the scary unknowns. And I’m not alone.
Misery does love company, which is good for me that at least when I am sailing in uncharted territory, I have others that share my angst.

Ancient mariners used to mark their maps with scary sea serpents or other mythological creatures denoting dangerous or unexplored territory with the caption, ‘Here there be dragons.’

It was only the brave or the foolhardy that ignore these warnings, often to pave the way for great discoveries.

The future belongs to those who dare
~Eleanor Roosevelt

For those looking to make great changes in their lives, they must face up to the fears holding them back. Stand up to the naysayers that never dared on their own and think you shouldn’t either.

It takes courage to stand in your own power, especially when you think you don’t have any, and say, ‘to hell with it, I’m moving forward anyway.’

The point is, 99% of the population has some kind of fear but not all of them let it rule their lives.

I loved this chapter as it speaks to me on something I need desperately to work on, not letting the fears have their way with me.

The author laid the groundwork on ways to deal with this. Through friends, facts and faith.

Believing, (and I’m inclined to agree), that encouragement of friends helps set aside the fear factor, while cheering you on to do your best.

A burden shared is a burden eased

Step two, is to face the facts. Facing the facts means you have to face the fear. Sometimes the unknown can fire up the imagination far quicker than our own worst nightmares. The unknown can prevent you from something so small as eating alone at a restaurant to cliff diving off the coast of Mexico. While fear is a natural instinct embedded in our DNA to ignite a fight or flight response as a means of preserving our species, our modern brains have turned it into a way of life.

Adrenaline junkies thrive off the rush; agoraphobics hide from it. Not sure either option is a healthy choice. Endangering your life for the thrill of it, or being paralyzed by the thought of leaving your home. The struggle is real. So the bigger question is, what keeps you from moving forward?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

For some, the fear of failure is enough to keep us from trying anything new. For others, the fear of success is just as real. What if I write the next great novel, paint that masterpiece, build a better mousetrap? What then? Do I have the genius inside of me to do something after? Will my success be a one hit wonder? How will I continue after that? Will more be expected of me? Do I have the energy to answer that call?

This is where the mind takes over to say, ‘You have it good enough now. Why can’t you feel you are enough already? If you can’t accept and be grateful now where you are at, you will never be happy with more.’ As you quietly toil away in obscurity, watching others live the life you know was meant for you, you wonder...am I enough?

When you picture the way you thought your life should be, are you living it now? Where do you see yourself in five years time? Is it where you are now? Are you afraid to even dream?
If you are truly happy in the ‘now’, then God bless you. You walk among the angels. But if you aren’t happy with your ‘now’, what needs to change? What mad skills do you need to learn to get you moving in the direction of your dreams? What facts do you need to face? Does it entail learning something new? Going back to school? Seeking out a mentor? What facts of life -of your life- do you need to face right now?

And finally, Faith. The biggest steps we take are those into the unknown.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
~Neil Armstrong

Our friend’s encouragement can only go so far. At some point we need to take that action step for ourselves. As far as I’m concerned, any step forward, no matter how small, is a leap in the right direction. A leap of Faith. As long as there is a willing heart behind that action.

I believe that all intentions are honored when backed up by Faith, but the universe can only meet you so far. You must be willing to take that first step. Are you willing?

Weekly Challenge (answer the questions):

One thing I’ve been afraid to do is:  (ok, I’m almost ashamed to admit this but to me this is a big deal) I am hesitant to get my credit report. I am afraid of how horrible a person it will say I am on paper so I avoid checking it. I haven’t checked it in years and the thought of it makes my knees weak. Maybe I should do this.
Friends who can support me are:  I have a great support team and I am sure they will message me their encouragement so I can get this done.
Action Steps: The action I will take this week to rectify this situation is, I will send away for my credit report and face the fear of the unknown, and face the facts.

~ My Buddhism class is at the halfway point. I feel good about the class work and look forward to completing something
~Still painting
~Still have not had an answer to the personal question from last month. Still not giving up.
~ Each week I am becoming more productive and this book has much to do with that.