Feather your nest (wk35)

I have written before on the importance of your home as a sanctuary. Too often, we treat our most important spaces no better than a bus terminal. A stop-off point between other places. Those other places usually consist of work, errands, school, appointments. This is especially true if you live in a busy city, leading a busy life. By the time the day is over, who has the time or energy to come home and work some more?

This is the thinking that needs to be changed and revisited. This week we will spend some time on this. Home is where the heart is. Only, my home is far from the relaxing space I would like it to be. It is more of a layover place I stay between my working hours. [http://www.thingsunspoken.net/day-22-sanctuary/] Small changes can make a big difference but as with any kind of change, it must constantly be worked at in order to continue with the positive effects. Just as a well landscaped yard must be continuously cared for, trimmed, weeded, and watered, so goes your home. The author suggests not tackling the entire house at once but instead, aim for one small spot, one small corner to call your own that you will alter in some significant way to feed your soul. Her small transformation started with a rug, which led to a lamp, which led to a bubbling fountain that transports her soul to a relaxing oasis. I believe I can find one small spot to begin transforming my world. One small corner at a time.

This week’s topic takes a look at ways to feed your soul by carving out a comfortable niche to claim as your own space. Simple changes to an ordinary room can make your life extraordinary. Feed your soul with some small change or addition to part of your home.

This week, give yourself permission to do something special that will help create a soul-nurturing space in your home. For example, you might add a wind chime to a window or place a sweet gentle fragrance of incense nearby or hang up a favorite picture you’ve wanted to get framed. Maybe you have a rug you have been meaning to buy. Whatever it is, add a feather to your nest and give your soul a warm, comfortable place to rest.

Sometime this next week:

  • Choose a special spot in your home
  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Assess the space and determine those things you’d like to add (lighting, accessories, or comfortable furniture)
  • Add one thing to it this week

I have a small nightstand by my bed that aside from a clock, a lamp, and loads of books, this is the small corner I will work on this week. Clear it off, start from scratch, then add one thing that will feed my soul. I can do that.