Feel The Love (wk 43)

As I am working through Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeovers book, (a weekly transformational book giving insight to your life, week by week), there are some chapters that are so far from anything I can find common ground on, I am completely unable to relate to it. This week is no exception.

The author starts this week off with an irritating story about a fender bender she was in and how she was seemingly the victim of a scam artist, [the other driver claiming major damages and bodily harm from something he caused]. But as she put the power of love into action, sending love and goodwill to the other driver who was trying to extort money from her , a witness came out of the woodwork to put right the wrong done to her, thus proving, Love conquers all.

Yeah, not buying into that. I firmly believe love can overcome insurmountable obstacles, but in my humble opinion, flinging good vibes out to test a theory and then confirming that theory because it had a good outcome is a bit of a stretch for me.

I will be the first to admit that I have a very dark disposition, and have become jaded over a lifetime of disappointments. That’s my own downfall, and something of a work in progress to get over. Just because this worked out for the author does not mean that it was the root cause of a good outcome. Does that mean if she didn’t send out love to this criminal, the end would have been different? It was too far beyond my scope of measure to accept.

Despite or in spite of my Judeo-Christian upbringing, I find the human condition to be exceedingly depraved. Left to my own devices, my thoughts can wander to some very dark realms. Growing up in a family that honed our gallows humor and sarcastic wit to razor-sharp edges, I’m finding this week’s practice of sharing the love a bit daunting. My years of learning have taught me to be protective of my energy and not throw it into a void. I set my boundaries up carefully as a protective step against the harshness that has hindered my growth in the past.

I’m glad the author can be so free in tossing out such love and joy to combat all evils that cross her path, but i will still choose to be a bit more reserved in this action. Aside from my introverted being, I am more than happy to give kindness to strangers, love where I feel it is needed, [especially to myself], but I will not be doing it to prove a point that if I do A) then B) is sure to follow. It’s a slippery slope from that to the confusion that says, how could good things not have come to me because I did what I was supposed to do? Perhaps I am doing something wrong….I am not going down that path.

This week’s Homework:
Make a list of people that most need love:
List the ways You will share that love.

I’m not listing anyone because I will not limit myself from what I already do.
I share goodness, love, and prayers already, where and when it’s needed.
I can only hope those reading this do the same.

(photo by Pixaby.com free download)