Fina-(ncia)-lly Free [wk29]

This week is devoted to taking financial responsibility and becoming more fiscally aware.
This is one of my all time favorite subjects, maybe because I am so bad at it and want to learn how to get better.

“When we are not handling our money in a mature, responsible way, we consistently send a message to ourselves that we are not good stewards for more.” Cheryl Richardson

So true. I am the poster child for this quote and only recently have I really worked on trying to turn things around. The problem is two-fold. I have little funds to work with and my money is tied up with my husband’s. Jointly, as many marriages are, so any financial decisions made have two people to go through. Being married to your best friend is great. Being married to your best friend who does not want to change or improve financial lifestyles does cause some strife. I often feel like I am climbing several mountains at once without any rest stops in between which makes it difficult to keep on track.

My, (our), finances have to be one of the biggest challenges I face. It is something neither my husband not I ever learned about when we were younger, so our adult lives are plagued with all kinds of money woes.

Little by little, I am working to corral them into some logistical sense but it’s hard when we were never taught how to manage our finances as children or young adults. Now, as mature folks, we still have so much to learn. There are days I remind myself I am not too old and it is not too late. There are other days I throw my hands up to the universe in supplication wondering why should I even bother and is it even worth it?

I think the first step is to stop blaming myself for my lack of knowledge and instead, commend myself that I still have a roof over my head, food on the table and while I struggle to pay bills, at the very least, they are still getting paid.

From there I will commence to learn what I didn’t when I needed it most. I may have to work twice as hard from my starting point, but the important thing is I am at least starting. There is so much information out there to be found and this very important journey will not be made in the dark. I do believe that once I get started and put this energy out there, the lessons and answers I need will make themselves known. I know this is stepping out on a limb but it is time I do it.

This week’s challenge is to :

Make an appointment with a financial adviser.
With the busiest time of the year at hand, this won’t be happening in the next two weeks but it will be done this incoming year. Because I want it to.

Visit your local library and pick up a tape program by a financial wizard.
I don’t need to go to a library for this, but I am always scanning online blogs, sites, literature in this arena.

Shift your money from the bank into a more lucrative investment account
As soon as I have money for this, it’s done.

Invest in your company’s 401k account
Sigh. This assumes your company offers one. Mine doesn’t.

Cut back your spending in one area and invest that money.
On a limited budget, we don’t really have extra excessive spending.
Again, as soon as this becomes possible, it will be done.

The one thing I will do this week to become more educated about money is:
Continue searching money blogs for advice

The one action I will take this week to invest in my financial freedom is:
Same as above



I finished my online course! It was a struggle but I finished!

Not listing anything else but going to bask in the glory of this one achievement.

Peace out.