Fix What’s Broken (wk37)

We waste so much of our time and energy on the broken down/non-properly/ill-functioning things in our lives that had we heeded the warning signs sooner, we would have saved ourselves much hassle, heartache and/or money, in the long run.

This week addresses the mindset of letting the little things slide in favor of other priorities. Putting what seems to be minor details on the back burner can lead to an even bigger mess later on, yet, we all do it. Ignoring the little things can lead to bigger troubles later on.

-Ignore maintenance of your car, you run the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere, far from AAA services. (happened)
-Skip payment on a minor bill, only to be slapped with fines and hiked up interest rates. (this happened, too)
-Fail to report for jury duty, there’s now a warrant out on under your name. (I’ve heard stories)

There are so many, many ways that the little things get bigger over time and then you spend ALL of your time trying to fix the damage that has been brought on by your own ignorance. I am the Poster Child for ignoring the little things and watching them explode into ginormous proportions.

A stitch in time saves nine…

Continuing on with the Life Makeover path by taking steps to improve your life, this week’s task is to take care of those things that have been driving you crazy. Is there something that needs to be repaired or replaced around your home or office? Are there supplies that need to be replenished before they run out? Schedule some time this week to handle the little things that can make a big difference in the quality of your life.


The challenge this week is to identify five little annoyances that have been driving you crazy. Consider the areas where they may be residing: Your home, office, car, closet….you pick.
Then fix it.

For me I could throw a stone in any direction and hit some kind of target in need of repairs. Such is my life. Let’s see…microwave, refrigerator, car, computer, washer, dryer. But those are big things that couldn’t be addressed in a proper time frame, and this week is about the little things. Phew.
So on with the challenge.

The five Little annoyances this week I will address are:

1 Shower drain is slow
2 Paper work needs to be shredded
3 Over grown weeds in back yard need to be seen to
4 Extra purses and shoes need to be donated
5 Torn window screen needs to be repaired

Such is my list. Just the tip of the iceberg but they are at a small enough stage where they can be addressed before they get out of hand. That must be how normal people handle the works of their lives and how others like me must work at it to gain some balance in ours. And even if I only get to half of this list, I will still celebrate it as a win.

What needs fixing in your life?