Focus Your Energy (wk 18)


I am finding as I work through this book that many of these chapters seem to be repetitive while they are headlined under a new title.

Not that repetition is a bad thing–it reinforces habits that instill discipline. It also gives a peek into the author’s mindset, as to her utmost important priorities as she keeps devoting numerous chapters to these main themes.

So far, it seems, Focus/Energy/Decluttering/Exercise are at the top of the list. Her list.
Not knocking it. She wrote the book. This one and several others, so something is working for her.

Often when preachers give sermons on any given Sunday, the better ones always admit that they are the ones that needed to hear the message as much as others.
The same might go for book authors as well.

I do wonder since she has devoted so much time and much of her book to driving this message home, if she has truly found it works for her or is this her achilles heel that she must reinforce to remain successful.

I’ll play along.

The author emphasizes the importance of stopping distractions before they start so as to better utilize your time and energy. She admits to being easily distracted by noise so she turns the phone ringer off and hangs a do not disturb sign on her door when she wants to get work done. She sits quietly in her office each morning and lists her top (3) priorities for the week in her journal.
Then she lists the (3) most important actions she can take that day to honor each of those priorities on her list.
After that, she tries to anticipate any possible distractions that may arise and eliminate them before they happen, which takes some contemplation time as well.

[ Aww… 🙂 This is me smiling]

That is so sweet that she has a private office to retreat to in order to shut the world out. In my world, I call it the bathroom.
Once more I run into the feeling that this book is designed for the more upscale, entrepreneurs amongst us and the snobbishness that surfaces in her presumptions that we all have the ability to control our environment is proof of that.

Many of us don’t have time to sit and contemplate what future distractions may possibly interfere with our energy because we can’t control the traffic we are sitting in daily as we are heading to our JOBS. We don’t have the luxury of turning the phone ringer off at work or locking the door to keep people out, unless it is, of course, the bathroom.

That aside, I am still Miss Positive when it comes to completing my assignments…usually.

This week’s take action Challenge:

Use the first 15 minutes of each day to write down your top (3) priorities of the week.
Next, list (3) actions you can take for each of these priorities.
Finally, challenge yourself to identify at least (3) possible distractions and eliminate them before you start your day.

God, this sounds so much like Morning Pages!!
Remember, the stream of consciousness writing that you do immediately before your feet hit the ground after waking up?

Having done The Artist’s Way and Walking In This World, which recommends this morning writing exercise without exception and finding no benefit in them for me, I opted out of that week’s work. Just as I am opting out of this one as well.
My priorities are fluid and continuously shifting as are my daily routines. I do not have a job where I can shut the world out, so I compliment myself on managing to get my work done amid all the distractions thrown my way instead of promoting the absence of them. That is how the real work functions and until I reach a point where I have my own office that doesn’t have a toilet in the same location as the desk, this is how it must be.


I cleaned up my kitchen table/art studio [which is the same thing]
I started an online course in Buddhism and Philosophy
I am almost finished with Wk 5’s painting
The gym hunt didn’t go well so I am pursuing other avenues of fitness
I am painting everyday as well as writing.

I am getting something out of this book so it is not a complete write-off.
And all without turning the ringer off.
Yay, me.