High School Registration


School starts Wednesday for my Freshman son.
I was so traumatized by registration, last week, I couldn’t even talk about it.

I thought it would take about 40 minutes. I told work I would be a little late that day because I was registering my kid for HS. Three hours later I managed to clock in for my shift.

I am not new to this. Two kids, one graduated, the other now a freshman. I have quite a number of school registrations under my belt.
I catch myself saying things like, ‘when I was your age…’
This makes me sound old, (47), which I guess I am, but when I was that age, we showed up to school on the first day, got our class schedules and our assigned lockers, and then each class we went to from there, we would receive the proper book for said class.

Now, registration is a week before school starts. You show up to very long lines, excuse me, stations. When we arrived, there was a line snaking around the main building. Sigh. I ask if we are in the right line.
OH, no. That big long line was station 7 out of 9. We had to start at line 1 and work our way up from there.

Even bigger sigh.

One would think that after doing this year after year, the process would have been simplified by now. It’s not.

We registered, we waited, we paid our dues, we waited, had pictures taken, more waiting, got books. Heavy, beaten up books that I wonder if they will charge us for at the end of the year for damages. We were asked if we rented’ a locker. We did. (There is an option to pay $15 to ‘rent’ a locker for 4 yrs). We chose that option. We were told the last line (station 9) was to get the locker which he could place his books in, that day.

Last line, we show ID, class schedule and receipt for locker. Which we are then promptly told, there are no more lockers available. WHAT????!!!!
Couldn’t they have told us that two lines ago???
He is now on a Waiting list. They say a locker should become available in the next couple weeks.
We know all about waiting. What I don’t understand is, if there are no lockers currently available, how are they going to magically appear in the first two weeks of school?

Dragging his bounty of books to the car, which he now must carry all day until a locker becomes available, we leave.

Halfway home I realized, we never got the PE clothes we paid for. Did we miss a station?

I call the school from home to inquire, but of course there is no answer. I was disconnected twice and then put on hold only to be transferred to an answering machine.

We drive back to the school. He is on open enrollment so the school is 5 miles away. We go back to the people that happily took our money and ask about the PE clothes we didn’t get.
‘Oh, those are given out the first day of school.’
Well, wouldn’t that have been nice to know. If only the school had a working phone number we could call to answer such questions or the people taking our money may have mentioned that when we paid for these items.

What I hold on to most, is that I have only 3 more years to do this…and I wonder, am I going to miss it?