Learning to Wait (wk 21)


It’s good to see that even the author has low energy times like the rest of us, as is so obviously reflected in this week’s topic, because it appears she glided over this week in favor of platitudes and a quick word to the wise. If she can be successful writing a book with so little effort, that gives hope to the likes of me that I can do just as well if not better.

This week is all about patience and waiting. While I do feel this is an important subject, I am slightly disappointed the author only devoted a single page to it, as though it were mere filler. I am working hard to gain transformative insights and all I got was a clipped version of ‘use any waiting period as a chance to know yourself better and get in touch with your spiritual side,’

At this point, I feel as though I am making great strides in effecting positive changes in my life and would dearly love it if the author had made more of an effort then a one page ode to patience.

My take on waiting. I am an extremely patient person. Most introverts are. I wonder if my spirit animal is a lioness waiting in the tall grass, scoping out a meal without twitching a muscle for hours on end, because that is how good I am at waiting. Keeping that in mind, I doubt I need an entire week devoted to how to be more patient, or how to get in touch with my inner spirit, because I am already there.

This week’s challenge:
Embrace your waiting time (sitting in traffic, waiting for an appointment, on hold for something)………………………Done
Sit quietly listening to your internal messages….(I believe this is called Meditating!)
That’s it. Your week is done. Mine is a total wash. Maybe I will sit quietly and wait for a better answer to come to me, because if there is one thing I am good at, it’s waiting.


I have taken an online course on Buddhism and Philosophy, mainly in hopes of learning more about meditation. What I learned is that most lay Buddhists (those not monks), do not meditate. Who knew?

Still painting several times a week.
Still writing several times a day.

Until next week.