Lighten Up (wk31)

This post is about 5 days late but it doesn’t matter as the material isn’t going anywhere.
This past week was also the first week of the new year, with the final bit of holidays behind us and my birthday looming ahead of me...tomorrow, in fact. It is filled with people adjusting to the routines a new year brings with it. Leaving the holiday mindset behind, learning what new laws have been initiated, and deciding whether or not setting and keeping goals is even worth it.

Amid all that, this week’s work is about reinstating childlike moments to balance out our more serious natures with no other purpose in mind than to simply.have.FUN. [the author’s words, not mine]

I am a very serious person by nature. Even as a child I was like this. Anyone who knows me in real life would tell you that’s true. In doing various exercises to change my life which requires serious, hard, down and dirty work…I’m ready. But during the weeks that require childlike play, I inwardly cringe. I don’t do FUN. I don’t know how. Life really isn’t fun to me and it’s certainly not part of my vocabulary. Maybe it should be. Maybe all this work I am doing is for nothing because the missing ingredient in me is the lightheartedness that comes with a good life. The thing is, I don’t know what fun is or how to have it. I don’t like playtime because I don’t do it well. This seems to be a great Achilles heel to me. I’m a Capricorn. We don’t do FUN. We do serious. And we do that well.

So this week’s challenge is tailor made for those like myself that may need some prodding to get from Point A to Point B with a little more joy in our step. The author gave a list of suggestions of things to do that might re-instill that childlike wonder we lost along the way. Choose one item from that list and do it.

Here is some of the list.
-Buy a giant pad of paper, pastels, find time to draw, and use fingers to smudge all the colors together. {I suppose this is do-able}
-Invite friends over for a meal, forget the silverware, eat with your hands {I balk at feeding the kids, this one just isn’t going to happen}
-Buy several cans of Play-Doh, create a new monster every week {Possible}
-Spend an hour in the woods noticing all the trees, grass, weeds, leaves {We don’t have woods}
-Put on dance music and dance in your living room {I don’t dance}
-Plant a tree, weed the yard or dig holes in the mud.{this is not fun to me, this is work…maybe I’ll do this}
-Go to a toy store, buy a coloring book, color everyday. {Got one for Christmas…maybe I will start it}
-Buy a hula hoop, see if you can swing. {I know I can’t}
-Have a conversation with your dog {if I had one…}
-Mimic your cat for 15 minutes {again, if I had one…}
-Get a temporary tattoo {the kids might have some…somewhere}
-Sleep with a stuffed animal {the husband in the bed is enough. I don’t need to limit my space even more}
-Paint your partner’s toenails {Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I don’t even paint my own}

I am supposed to do something from this list which some do have possibilities. I will look at it seriously and choose wisely. The only way I know how to do things.
Sigh. For the greater good…

No updates. Have a great week. Have some FUN.