Losing My Religion


‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’

We all have them. Those life lessons that can make or break us. Some we gain the upper hand on and others, well, others are insanely repeated in the hopes that one day we can understand its meaning.

One of my repetitive skirmishes, is to discover my passion. My reason for being. An answer to the mysteries that boggle my mind. I fight to find answers. Life shouldn’t be so hard if you are on the right path. So does this mean I am so far off the trail I am hopelessly lost or is this how one discovers their true path?

One of my losing battles is to figure out the balance between Spirituality and Religion.
I am a Christian by choice, baptized in the faith. Yet, like a square peg in a round hole, I have not yet found the answers I had hoped to. I know they are there. Others seem to get it. But for me, it has been such a struggle and this is where the disconnect comes about.

~ My religion says:        There is only ONE way to God.
My Spiritual heart says: God is too big for ONE religion

~ My religion says:         Love your neighbor as yourself
My Spiritual heart says:  Love yourself so that you can love others as well.

~ My Religion says:        Do not judge others…then does exactly that
My Spiritual heart says:  Bypass judgement and embrace others, imperfections and all, for
we are all flawed in one way or another.

~ My Religion says:        God is love…but if you die without believing, then you are
condemned to the eternal fires of hell.
My Spiritual heart says:  God. Is. Love. Period.

The more I wrestle with the concepts of Spirituality vs Religion, the more I feel a tearing in my soul.

I am not a theologian, nor to I pretend to be one, but I do think that if I struggle so much in this arena, maybe others do, too.

Spirituality vs Religion
Something has got to give, and I wonder if the longer this battle rages, the more that I witness both sides of it, am I losing my religion… and if so, is that a bad thing?

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