Have you ever lost control of something? Your words? Your temper? A situation? Your life?

We live in a unique time where everything we say or do can become instant fodder to entertain the masses.

With technology far surpassing common sense, our actions can often travel at whiplash speed around the globe before catching up to us…but make no mistake– they eventually do catch up, and when that happens, we must own them and the consequences they bring.

While I do believe deep down most people mean well, we are all human and that means we do and say some incredibly stupid things.

This past week, crooner, Michael Buble tweeted a post of a woman wearing very short shorts, accentuating her ‘assets’, while making a comment that could be taken either in a positive or negative light.

Most people took it negatively, raising a media fire-storm about body shaming.

His apology was not immediately forthcoming, but when it was made, it was with sincerity and also a note that while the tweet was inappropriate, it was in no way meant as demeaning or body shaming.

I have yet to meet someone that has not uttered something completely outrageous, in anger, frustration or complete ignorance; myself included.

Q. So, what happens when you find yourself in a deep hole of your own making?

A. Stop digging.

Our lives are all made up of moments. Thousands upon thousands of moments. Some good. Some bad.

It’s these moments that build our characters, shape our perspectives and create our realities.

While we cannot go back to change any of the past moments of our lives, we can do something about our future ones.

We can take stock, acknowledge and own the moments of our lives.

By that, I mean, we admit our faults. If an apology is in order, give it, and move on.
If one is owed to you, try not to take it personally. Chances are you caught someone else having one of those very human moments.
Accept that not everyone is ready to admit their faults, and then move on.

Speaking from experience; waiting on someone else to own up to their misdoings can bog you down in some very messy, gut-wrenching days better spent elsewhere. We all have a finite number of days allotted to us, we shouldn’t waste them waiting on someone else’s timetable.

With over 7 billion people trying to co-exist in the world, the odds are good that not all will land on your side of an argument. And that’s okay. If you do your best, (in spite of your humanness getting in the way), that is what matters most.

At the end of the day, the only one that has to live with the decisions you make, is you.

So make them count. Then move on.