My Absolute Yes! (wk 5)


This week is titled the Gift of Time. It covers the ways in which we spend or waste our time.

One of my biggest peeves is when people claim we all have the exact same amount of time to spend as everyone else. [which is true] However, I have found those same people go on to say how we spend this time is entirely our choice. [this is not always true. Most parents can vouch for that!]

To a certain extent, our time is our own, but if we are in any kind of caretaker role, either parental, or medical, for family or others, then that time is seriously infringed upon. Yes, it is our choice, but often, our choices are limited by external factors and all we can do is learn to carve out stolen moments to accommodate our souls and know that free time is merely a fairy tale, perpetuated by those that don’t know any better.

We can’t leave a sick child, or spouse, or parent because we feel our time is better spent elsewhere. We need to navigate these waters carefully without being pulled under ourselves. Our time can only be spent, never saved…[unless you get vacation time, in which case, Yay, you], and we can only work towards using it wisely. I wish more people would get that. Not everyone gets vacay time and not everyone has the same timetable.

I honestly don’t always know where my time disappears to. If I plan on using ‘X’ amount of time for a single project…’X’ then takes on monstrous, intangible proportions that cannot be tamed. I once planned to make a quilt for a friend who was going to have surgery a couple weeks out. I felt a weekend would be sufficient to do something so simple, and I could envision her recuperating with a cozy quilt stitched together out of love. Nine months later I finally finished it! In the time it took me to sew the damn thing I could have made and carried a baby to full term!

The first lesson to learn: Things don’t always go as planned.
Lesson two: Read lesson one and then adjust accordingly for any project you may have in the works.
Lesson three: A quick formula to help in figuring out the time needed for any given project.
Take the estimated time needed, and multiply that number by 4, and round up to the 10th power. [That or nine months, whichever is shorter]

Or, one small tip this week’s chapter has to offer…Make an Absolute ‘Yes’ list.
This is a list to help the decision making when something comes up in your life.
If you know your absolute Yes parameters, then anything not on that list can be discarded without drama or thought. You do not owe anyone an explanation for why you said No.

After careful consideration to this, I narrowed down My Absolute Yeses, which was a difficult task for me as I have never considered where I stand firmly on this subject.

The wisdom behind it is sound, since if you know what your absolute yeses are, then anything not on that list need not waste any more of your precious, elusive, time.

Here is my list:

   1.  If husband or kids ask something of me– YES.
 2. I have been working hard in the arena of friendships. I have a small, single, handful, [with fingers left over], of friends, who, were they to ask something of me, they will get a Yes, and I will do my best to work this into my life.

  3. If there is a course, a lecture, a movie, a play, or a book that interests me– That is an absolute Yes, if I can make it work in my life.

And that’s it for my yeses.
Being an introvert, I learned a long time ago how to give a strong ‘No’, but giving a ‘Yes’ makes me pause. We are all a work in progress.

Final questions for the week:
What needs my attention at this time in my life?
-My Finances
-My Future Plans

What do I need to let go of?
-My hypochondria ( it does nothing but make my time miserable)
-My perfectionism ( my time is also wasted here because nothing is ever right and I can spin my wheels getting nothing accomplished)

This is a difficult concept for me to address but now is the perfect time to do it.
If not now, when?

Follow up:
Painting a little every day, a color scheme that should be easy is proving temperamental.
But little by little it’s getting done.
Also finished two books this week, feel free to check out my book/product reviews on under K. Johnson

Catch you next week