Our Place in the Sun


Feminism: noun
the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

History shows that in the early cave-man days, the name of the game was survival.
Survival of the day, the age, the species.

It was a harsh world that divvied up the survival skills of early men/women into tasks best suited for them.

Men were bigger and stronger, able to hunt big game and do the more physically demanding work called for. Women were better suited for the gathering aspect of life. Yet, because survival was such a demanding prospect, I doubt with every fiber of my being that early man would refuse to pick a few berries or piece together primitive clothing or footwear because he thought it was a task beneath him or that it was merely women’s work. No- that thinking is a modern day concept.

Early man, as hell bent on seeing a new day, (as most predatory animals are), did not chance their survival to limited, sexist roles. That was not an option. A thought process that has been lost over eons of time. Many modern men, on the other hand, believe to the core of their being, that they are the only ones that can add value to life, business, conversations, or survival. Women are routinely relegated to the sidelines, to be told what to do and when to do it. They are publicly corrected, ogled, laughed at, left out, shunned, talked down to, talked over, stalked or preyed upon.

(Note: Not all men fall into this category.) There are millions of men out there that are empathetic, empowering individuals that are not afraid of a female with an opinion. They are the ones that will continue to propel humankind into a better future. It is their He-man counterparts which are being addressed here.

There was a point in history when women were revered. They were mystical, healers, shaman, muses, oracles, counselors, goddesses. We know this from ancient carvings, texts, and artworks throughout the ages that testify to the mystery of the female form.

(Note: I refer to woman-kind as a collective here and in no way diminish any woman living out a different choice in her life.) We may not have an abundance of testosterone flowing through our blood but we have the incredible power to grow another life in our bodies and continue the cycle of the human species. Something men cannot do and feel a need to downplay, by being overly domineering. They may claim it is their way of protecting us, but what exactly are we needing protection from?

At some point, men took their roles as providers, not as privilege but entitlement, much to the detriment of women everywhere.

During WWII, women showed their mettle as the men went off to war, they took their place in the factories, doing the jobs that men thought could only be done by them. Women stepped up and proved themselves and kept the country going, in the darkest of dark times. Something admirable…until the men returned, only to shoo the women back home to cook and to clean, again believing that despite what was proven in the factories, that only men could hold those jobs . We may have won the war but the battles still raged on. Decades would pass before the rallying cry of women would be heard, and then a new war, one of equality would be engaged in. It is 2015 and women are still fighting for their rights.

Men are not better than us…nor are they worse, they just Are. I ponder if there is an unknown gene that makes certain men always striving for control, and any opposing forces to that control is seen as a challenge that needs to be met and dealt with.

They are right, though. Women ARE a force to be reckoned with, which on a subconscious level, could be seen as a threat.

Boys will be boys is widely accepted, but do something ‘like a girl’ and that’s an insult.

Women were there in the beginning, struggling to survive right alongside their hunter-mates, or depending which theory you ascribe to, Life in the Garden was easy until evil entered it.

Eve took a heavy rap for purportedly eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, but really? Was Adam not man enough to say, No? So, why is his role downplayed and her’s amplified?

The bottom line is, we are two halves of a whole. Yin and Yang. Male and Female. Equals.

If saying this makes me a feminist, so be it.

I don’t mind being female.
I don’t mind standing up for my rights…or my sister-kin’s rights as well.
I don’t mind if a man holds a door open for me.
I don’t mind if a woman holds a door open for me, either. This is not a sexist thing, it’s a F*ing, common courtesy.

To all the sexist, misogynistic, over-controlling, domineering men out there, I say this:

We, [females], have earned our place in the sun, so STOP trying to shove us back into the dark ages! We are far too enlightened for that…we just wish you were, too.