Pamper Break (wk40)

This week is very much a reward week. That’s the one steadfast thing the author does consistently throughout this whole book, making sure if we don’t get anything else right, we get this…we deserve to recognize and celebrate our hard work because we EARNED it!

It may seem a bit repetitious but that is how new habits are formed. By rote. Until it sinks in and becomes part of the pattern of our lives. Doing things for others is expected of us. Doing things for ourselves is self-indulgent. At least that is what our inner critics whisper to us to keep us from becoming overly selfish and ensuring burnout and resentment given enough time of it.

To prevent that from happening, we must make time for ourselves and risk the moniker of self-entitled royalty or hooded looks of disapproving nay-sayers that want to keep people as miserable as they are, because that’s what being an adult is all about. Only, it’s not. I’ve come to learn over the past year that being an adult is about striving to keep your life balanced, not focused on one single aspect and let everything else fall by the wayside. It’s the unbalancing that throws us off our game.

In honor of this week’s work, and all the weeks leading up to this, we are taking a pampering break. Join me.

The author gives a list of suggestions or feel free to make your own. Her’s are:
1 Schedule a massage
2 Get a mani/pedi (men can do this, too)
3 Schedule afternoon tea with a friend
4 Find a cozy inn and book a romantic evening
5 Take a warm bath in the middle of the day and read a book
6 Turn the phone ringer off and watch movies in bed
7 Take a mental health day off work

If you already do lot’s of nice things for yourself, then raise the bar and do something better.

This week’s homework. Answer the following question:

What kind of self-care gift have I been dreaming about or wishing for?
Now make it happen.

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