People and Priorities (wk45)

Coming down to the final weeks of my year-long project of a life-makeover, this week concentrates on focusing on the people in our lives that we possibly take for granted.
There are times we get so busy with life that we forget we are surrounded by the nearest and dearest yet don’t really see them.

The truth is, we have to make a conscious effort to set aside time for those who matter most to us. This book was written early on before Facebook became the social behemoth it is today, so the author mostly focuses on those we come into contact with on a daily basis and not so much with the online world. I focus on both and give credit where credit is due.

This week we concentrate on those who matter most to us and may have been overlooked a time too often. The author states, ‘when we make the people in our lives more of a priority, we eventually realize that the rewards are well worth the sacrifices.’ I certainly agree. It is the rare human who is not socially inclined in some way, shape, or form. Even the most introverted among us, myself included. We do not get through life all on our own. No matter how independent we may be or think we may be, there is always someone that has shared in our journey, even if it is only a small part of the way. Those someones need to be acknowledged and regularly, too.

Homework: Answer the following questions.

1 Who are the people in your life who matter most?
2 What kind of attention do these relationships need?
3 Are there any skills needed to deepen these relationships?
4 What will you do differently to insure they get the attention they need?

As we use this week to recognize the important ones in our lives, I want to give a shout out to some of those who have made a huge impact on me even though I have never met them face to face. Some of my online contacts who for the better part of the year have encouraged me, prodded me, gave me sagely wisdom or shared their own personal stories with me to help aid me in my own personal journey.

My biggest, heartfelt thank you goes out to my friend, Sam Hobbs, who is proof that you do not have to live in the same area as another person to have a lasting, indelible impact on another person’s life. This past year, without fail, Sam has contacted me weekly, with gentle reminders that it’s that time again for another post. This make-over has helped put my feet on the right path to where I hope to go and Sam was my biggest supporter, walking this path with me every step of the way.

Thank you, Sam.

And then there is Clare, who was my biggest cheerleader. Within minutes of any post, she is always the first one to give me a high five, thumbs up or a kind comment. No matter how busy our lives get, Clare is one of those rare souls that always, always finds time to pep someone else up. Everyone should have a friend like Clare.

From my heart to yours, Thank you, Clare.

Then I have my coworker, fellow minimalist and sagely friend, Jason. From the beginning I would bounce off my weekly chapters to him and get his input. He would often share stories from his own past that would correlate with the current week’s work or read to me excerpts from books he has read to give me new insights.. I have found that in sharing my story, it prompts others to dig into their own histories for some kind of comparable lessen to share. This was a fantastic way to learn about others and a better way to learn more about myself.

As for the others in my immediate life, the biggest kinds of attention needed that I can give, is my time. Something I need to work on but I am getting better at this. People just want to be heard, and shown that they are cared for and appreciated.

As to the other questions as to the important people in my life, that would be my immediate family and a few close friends. Again, my time is what is needed and this is something I am willing to give. I have made it a point to schedule them into my calendar and barring illness or unforeseen circumstances, I will go out of my way to keep my word. They mean so much to me and don’t want any of them to feel they are anything less.

Who are the people and priorities in your life? It’s good to think about these things.