Reflections (wk 30)

We have reached beyond the midpoint of this book and these life makeover changes.
This week’s topic covers pausing to reflect on the changes accompanied in your makeover so far and rewarding yourself for a job well done.

Too often, we work to achieve one goal but as soon as that one is reached, it’s then onto the next one and the one after that. We are not trained to be still and enjoy the fruits of our labors. As a result, we are never fully satisfied with even our smallest accomplishments, and that translates to us never really being happy.

Even though I started this year-long makeover in June, this week’s lesson couldn’t come at a better time. It’s a busy season and I’m overdue for a rest.

I will celebrate my accomplishments both big and small. I acknowledge the weekly work I have put in since June. I thank my support group, and especially Sam Hobbs for being consistently encouraging with weekly reminders and helpful tips to keep me on the right track.

These past six months have been eye opening, challenging and rewarding and I am looking forward to what the remainder of the book has in store for me.

This week’s challenge:
Reviewing your actions during the first half of this book, take some time to consider the following questions.

1 What changes,(small or large), have I made in my life so far?
I have pushed myself weekly to follow through with the reading and the homework given. I have faithfully blogged my way through writing about the challenges that worked, the ones that didn’t and the things left to be done.
I have taken two online classes, met some new people and opened up conversations that never would have been otherwise.

2 How have I grown as a result of those changes?
I have stretched myself in ways I didn’t or wouldn’t before starting this book. I have accepted the challenges at hand and pressed on even when I didn’t want to.

3 What have I accomplished?
Meditation skills, more blogging material, taken online classes, checked my credit score, I now have an absolute YES list that helps me to more clearly define my boundaries.

4 What am I most proud of?
So far, finishing what I have started out to do.

5 In what ways have I been able to make myself a priority?
My self-care has been moved up several notches and the guilt factor has been toned down.
6 How has my relationship with myself improved?
My self-worth and self-confidence has risen considerably.

Getting past the halfway mark deserves a reward. Acknowledge the work you’ve done so far and gift yourself something or do something to appreciate you.

I don’t know what this will entail but I will not let this go by without doing something for me. I’ve earned it. If you have followed me so far, then you have, too. Many, many thanks.